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     Old man my ass...


    Like a few others I didn't have expectations for this film, I just thought I would give it a chance with an open mind. When I saw the cast line up I wasn't sure whether they would all be able to contribute to their best abilities in it. In fact they were all brilliant and turned out to be a great group.

    Highlights - Helen M using a hefty automatic gun. She can do anything, put a massive gun in her hands and it gives her a new dynamic. Brilliant.
    The dialog was good, I actually found myself laughing at some bits. I'm not really a JM fan but he does have a nack at playing mentally unstable characters so this part suited him well. The pig was abit predictable though.
    I would watch this again and recommend it but it's not a 'die hard' (no pun intended) action it's more of an action comedy. Remember that.

  2.  A great addition to any collection


    I wanted to give it 5 out of 5 but for me there's a few things missing.

    The overall game is entertaining and I could sit for hours answering the questions but it lacks content. There's a few different puzzle types within the rounds but once you have done them, that's kinda it. The bonus material is just pictures and there could be more to it there.

    The biggest problem for me is that it doesn't save your scores. So you can't see how well you did compared to other rounds and neither can your friends should they have a good too.

    The little touches like the music played throughout, character selection and general feel of the game is good. I don't regret buying it because I will still have fun with it and it will become part of my Twilight Collection, I just felt like there was a whole lot more they could have given us on this. After all, we are die hard twilight fans, are we not?!

  3.  A casino no, a childs archade maybe.


    Ok so maybe I expected a bit much from this game. I love casino games, I play poker and go have the occasional gamble, so my expectations are pretty high.

    This game only has a handful of games and can get very repetative very quickly. Ok so you strive to make yourself a millionaire and probably enter a competition to do so, I didn't get that far even. It bored me to death too quickly.

    Considering the rating is 18 I wouldn't bother suggesting this to adults and would imagine my 11 year old nephew would find it interesting for a while. (I know the rating is to protect kids from suggestive behaviour)

    I wouldn't bother with this and would seek an alternative, use your money wisely on another game because this really isn't worth the money.

  4.  The only one as good as the first


    I have played all 4 now and can safely say that the first one and this one are the best - in my opinion only of course.

    2 and 3 feel very samey to me and I didn't enjoy them as much but this one keeps my attention. I play on it for hours and so does my partner when she can't sleep.

    My favourite game is Ink Rally whereby you have to draw lines in order to get the wheel to the destination flag scoring as much points as possible but using as little ink as possible as you only have a limited amount.

    I would recommend this game to anyone, especially those who liked the first one or the series in general. Well worth the money.

  5.  Tenchu at it's worst


    I must firstly agree with the above review. This is awful for Tenchu and if you are a great fan of Tenchu following it right from the start you will be very disappointed with this game.

    Not only are the items very basic but they very rarely go where you intended for the ninja to place them.
    In Tenchu it was always great to get your heart thumping as you watch the sensor creep up, knowing that someone is coming your way and maybe you still can't even see them. In this version you can stand 4 paces away from them and they wont notice you, effectively you can dance round them in a square and get a silent kill everytime.

    It's too easy, the graphics aren't good, the bulkiness is beyond ninja and even the dialog is bad.

    I wouldn't buy this if you like Tenchu and are used to playing it on a bigger scale console. I started on the PS1 moving to PS2 and then tried this. I will try it on the PSP in the hope it will be better and eventually on PS3. Fingers crossed.

    If you want to ease yourself in gently to it perhaps you would like this game but I would still recommend going head first into a better platform version so you can become the Ninja that the games reputation holds.

    The best Ninja.

  6.  Shoot him again, his souls still dancing...


    I enjoyed this film, it was funny and had a good story to it. I also love the artwork on the cover and the cast list was good too.

    I would definitely watch this again, Cage is one of my favourite actors and he never seems to disappoint.

  7.  2 to the heart, 1 to the head...


    I thought it was entertaining, funny but not laugh out loud funny and the chemistry between K and A wasn't fully there. But I did enjoy it and will probably watch it again. If you like Fools Gold you might like this - combines romance, action and comedy. A light movie so is perfect when you need a simple film.

  8.  Milk jar... best to keep your spare change in it!


    I wanted a small jug and being as novel as it is I thought this would be perfect for what I wanted. Novel is the operative word, the practicality of it isn't as good as you would expect... it dribbles. Lots. The spout isn't big enough so the liquid keeps contact with the spout and the side of the mug/jug so you get more on your sideboard than you do in it's intended destination.

    Ok you get what you pay for and it's a novelty so maybe I expected too much of it... pouring liquids out of it is just too difficult for it.

    I wouldn't bother, unless you collect mugs/jugs or buy it as a joke gift.