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  1.  Absolutely brilliant!


    I have not been so excited to play a game as much as i have this since, i started off playing cod!!
    It is great, gears of war is nothing compared to this!! It seriously is the best 3rd person tactical shooter i have ever played, why it is not more popular is amazing to me!! I love it, i cant recommend it enough!!
    Xbox fans, you are seriously missing out on this one!! Ha!!

  2.  WOW!!! ........And the campaign has a story to it!!!!!!!!


    For a long time now I have been playing "First Person Shooters".

    And I'm sure like most people, that I've not really come across a game that could better the Call Of Duty franchise.

    There were the odd few over the years that had a chance to take cod's crown but they just didn't have it in them.

    Infinity Ward and Treyarch just got it right I guess! Although Id have to say that Infinity Ward just edges it.

    Up until about a half hour ago Modern Warfare 2 was the pinnacle for me ,of any game regardless of Genre (Even when you have to put up with all the pathetic little children who ruin most games by cheating) it just WORKED!! The handling and movement was perfection. So SMOOTH!!

    But then I bought this (KILLZONE 3)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What really made me happy about how amazing this game is, is that it's a Sony exclusive.
    If you like cod then you will love this....GUARANTEED!!

    Please don't listen to the Xbox fan boys as they're just jealous that they don't get to play it.

    I own both consoles and the PS3 is technically far far more superior it just lacks MORE ultra brilliant games like this.

  3.  WOW!!!


    Great debut single! Really euphoric feel good music. Kind of the 60's revisited.
    I knew I had to buy this album as soon as I heard the initial track, you just know its gonna be brilliant!