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  1.  GT PSP Great Racing Game!


    Purchased this as was bored waiting for GT5 to release on PS3. I wasn't expecting much but thankfully I was wrong. The game plays very well and is fun for novices like me. The AI gets harder as you win more races, which keeps me coming back to win one more race. Lots of tracks and loads of Cars to buy! I think I am right in saying some of the cars can be moved to GT5 on PS3 when it comes out, great! The graphics on the PSP are excellent very smooth and fast. I love the fact GT supports Wi-Fi as well. This is my favourite car game on the PSP, Outstanding!

  2.  Red Dwarf: Back in the groove.


    I was concerned that "Back to Earth" would be a pile of smeg but thankfully it deserves to carry the Red Dwarf logo! The cast and crew have done and excellent job of returning the show to it's glory after such a long absence from our screens. For me the show returns to it's roots with great humour, great acting and a great script. I absolutely loved this come back and I pray there will be more to follow.

  3.  An Excellent Product.


    I purchased the PRS-505 in December 2008 and have been using it ever since. SONY have made an excellent quality product. The case is metal, aluminium I believe and the controls are well placed and easy to use. The battery life is great, I can read 2-3 books on one charge. It is very easy to add books to it. One way is to buy an SD or SONY Memorycard and place all your books on the card by plugging the card into your PC's memory card reader. The other way I prefer is to use the software called calibre which is a database of all your ebooks. Just plug your SONY PRS-505 into the USB lead and let calibre transfer the books to it. The best bit about the PRS-505 is the screen. This device has a true eink display which makes the page look like a real book. The screen is very easy on the eyes because there is no back light, which is how eink books should be! If you wish to read in low light or darkness then buy the add-on book case with built in light this is what I did. I can read for hours now and get no headaches in the day or night. The size of the screen is nice as it's much bigger then my old vga pocket pc I used to read on. The on screen font can be changed from small, medium and large which ever you prefer. I took a long hard look before I purchased this reader and I would buy another one tomorrow without hesitation if I needed to. Note: not all ebook readers are as good as they seem so be careful as some have normal LCD display and poor battery life. One last thing the SONY uses the .LRF proprietary format but many on-line websites now sell books in this format, also calibre is a great help in this department. To sum up the SONY PRS-505 is extremely well made and has both an excellent screen display and battery life. The quality of the metal case is so much better then cheap plastic. Well done SONY on such a lovely device.

  4.  Excellent, Money Well Spent, Very Happy!


    I thought I would give these a go. To be honest I was not expecting very much, but I have been pleasantly surprised! The triggers just clip on and once on they stay on! I thought they might get knocked off as you play but they don't, yet if you want to take them off again it is very easy. I have two controllers and bought one set to try. I am so impressed with the triggers I am just about to order a second set. Once the triggers have been fitted your fingers no long slip off the L2-L1 buttons, plus they do actually make the buttons more responsive!

    Considering the price and free postage if you have not got a set of these I would recommend you buying some now!