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  1.  This is the Platinum version!


    So I bought Batman : Arkham Asylum for 9.99 from play.com, but be advised - I got the Platinum version, not the original version as advertised!! Obviously this doesn't distract the gameplay whatsoever, but I expected to get a non-Platinum copy.

  2.  There's NOBODY online!!!


    I've been trying to find an arcade style driving game for the PS3 for ages (have you played Burnout 3 Takedown on PS2? You get my drift?) This is as near to that as I can find at the moment - I tried Blur too, but it's not as good to drive unfortunately. But my main gripe with Split Second Velocity is the complete lack of online players! Where is everyone?? I'm only giving it 4 stars because the gameplay is a little short, even after playing through it all again to trigger all the scenes, but the only way I have been able to play online so far is by inviting (the very few) friends online who also have it. Really gutted also that Burnout 4 Revenge is out for Xbox, but not PS3. Time to get the PS2 out of the loft methinks...

  3.  Better than you'd think


    There wasn't that much hype surrounding the release of Guitar Hero 5; I must admit, I was a little sceptical about it's ability to compete with the franchise so far - especially Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock. Here's why... online play. Yes, this latest addition to the family has a much improved Career mode to that of Guitar Hero : World Tour (you are encouraged to attempt challenges using all the band instruments, rather than stick to the lead guitar all the time *that would be me*). Plus, there are trophies to unlock. This is the first Guitar Hero game to feature this. Which is nice. And despite some of the reviews I've read, the set list is quite good. I've just imported the set list from Guitar Hero : World Tour via a £3.19 key from the PS Store; thumbs up there too. But the biggest attraction for me is, as I said, playing online. Instead of the usual "best of 3" etc, your performance is given a score after each song (the winner getting the highest, obviously) and tallies up for as long as you continue the session with your online opponent. A nice feature! Also, as well as competing against one other player, the match could involve another 3 guitarists, for example (which unlocks a trophy!) The folk at Activision and Neversoft have evolved the Guitar Hero series into a superb multiplayer experience! I'm very pleased to report that Guitar Hero 5 ticks all the boxes for me.

  4.  Better than GH World Tour... just


    Hurray! I finally managed to play online! Why is playing online on GH World Tour almost impossible? At least with GH3 Legends, you could host a match - you just wait for players to appear. But on World Tour? Rubbish! So thank you Rock Band! As well as being able to hit hammer ons and pull offs (you have to be SO accurate on World Tour), I'm glad I bought this. Playing it with the World Tour guitars is a big bonus too!

  5.  Essential for your PS3!


    If you have just bought a PS3, or are about to, buy one with a small hard drive. Stick this hard drive into it (very easy to do!) and use the hard drive that came out of your PS3 as an external drive. I bought a SATA (and only SATA) caddy for less than a fiver, and partitioned the drive to FAT32 (using EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 - again, easy to do!) You can't partition more than 20GB, but having an external hard drive that the PS3 recognizes is well handy!

  6.  Highly recommended for HUGE Aerosmith fans.


    Let's make one thing clear from the start - Guitar Hero : Legends of Rock is a superb game. Which means that this Aerosmith version will automatically be compared to it, which is a pity. I like Aerosmith, but unless you are a MAJOR fan, I think you'll find yourself easily bored with most of the tracks, and go back to playing Legends. Sure, it's good to be playing new songs (where's the downloadable content Nintendo??), but this doesn't have the same "just one more go" appeal. Is it because the songs are longer, and more technical than Legends? Has the fun factor therefore reduced? It does seem to be trickier than Legends - hammer ons and pull offs must be played precisely - which I think will give the game longevity should you persist with it, but will put most players off. I noticed other changes - I played straight through hard level (to hear all the songs) and finished it without achieving 5 stars on all the tracks, which unlocked a guitar. Where's the challenge in that? If it wasn't for Legends, this would be a must have. This is lacking the variety and fun.

  7.  The most fun you can have with your clothes on!


    Here's the justification in spending what some of you may think is expensive for a console game - it's the single most fun I (and all my friends & family) have had since console games were invented! Don't think it's something that'll end up in the back of the cupboard after a few weeks. Given the choice of songs, the chance to play with anyone online (providing you have a router and a pc of course), the ability to team up with another guitar owning friend to make your own band, as well as the appeal of "just one more go", you can't go wrong with this! Buy it! Ps. It sucks when you can't beat the wifes' high score...