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  1.  Quality Cooper!


    Let me first say, I have been a fan of Alice Cooper since 1987, and have since then bought all of his albums, back catalog and all. He has made a lot of great albums and songs over the years, and there's always (well, almost always) a little surprise on each album, that I didn't see coming.
    Cooper writes great lyrics, no doubt about that. And my fascination towards him, is in most part his lyrics. Since he has had so many people making songs with him over the years, he has had so many different sounds, so it's easier to define an Alice Cooper song by his lyrics than his sound. Apart from his distinctive voice, that is.
    I bought Welcome To My Nightmare around 1990, I think, and I must admit, I found it a bit strange. Sure there are some killer songs there, but some of them are also strange. But that's Alice Cooper. And that's what I love about him. So when I put on Welcome 2 My Nightmare, and found that this album has so much of that strangeness AND greatness that I have come to love, I new I would like the new album. It's fantastic!
    I've read a lot of different reviews on the album, and some like it, and some don't. And everybody seems to like different songs. It's just a matter of taste, I guess. But I know I wasn't let down by any of the songs. I've felt that Alice on his last 3-4 albums has failed to make really catchy songs. Sure, there are some, but I feel that the focus has been on lyrics more than music. I'm really glad the music is back on this album, along with his great lyrics.
    If you like classic Alice Cooper, I can absolutely recommend Welcome 2 My Nightmare!

  2.  Fantastic album!


    I've been a Cooper fan since 1986, and have bought all his albums since then. I'm not a huge fan of all of his albums, but there are always some gems there. I first listened to Welcome to my nightmare sometime in 1990, and allthough I really liked most of the songs, I found some of them really strange and weird. Since then I have come to love Alices diversity and most of all his humour in his songs.
    When put on the Welcome 2 my nightmare album yesterday, I felt right at home from the start. This is a great album. Sure, it goes in some strange directions on a couple of songs, but this is a fun album from beginning to end! It kind of covers The Coops career from the early 70s until his early 80s stuff. And it sounds like Alice had a blast recording it. What more can you ask for!?

  3.  Nothing to see here


    I bougth Outlander because I am a sucker for sci-fi movies. Well, good sci-fi movies, that is. And Outlander is not a good sci-fi movie. It's boring, mediocre acting and the special effects are bad. Really bad at times. I bought it cheap, but I wish I hadn't. I feel it's an ugly spot in my collection of blu's.
    Buy Pandorum instead. It's fantastic!!! :D

  4.  Fantastic movie!


    This movie was a complete surprise to me. I had read a nice review of the movie and the quality of picture and sound, so I thought I would give it a try. No big risk, since the price was so low.
    This is a nice little gem of a movie, that to me, came out of nowhere. Kind of like the movie Screamers did for me way back in 1995.
    If you are in for a mystery treat, I recommend Triangle!!