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  1.  Good not as realistic as Grid but more fun


    I played Grid quite a bit before getting this and EA have definitely steered the NFS franchise towards the realism Codemasters have in Grid but at the same time have made it a more accessible game. If you play racing games a lot it won't take too long to get the hang of it and the single player challenges aren't too difficult. The real fun comes in online play and the crash effects are pretty good at disorienting you when you slam into a wall or if you're lucky your mate, in fact they're so good it encourages you to drive carefully so you don't do it. Definite improvement over NFS Undercover but not as realistic as Grid but that's not a totally bad thing.

  2.  Alright but a bit easy


    It looks nice, it sounds nice but the cars do handle like something out of an arcade and the overall gameplay is a bit easy. Good for a few days but once you've done the single player there isn't much reason to continue playing it.

  3.  A compromise


    It's a handy bit of kit but not something you'll want to do much typing on, if you do that get a proper keyboard for people who like me who use it to do the occasional inputting of text its a fair compromise.

  4.  Great value for money


    Local Sony Centre were asking £64.99 for these. So at £17.99 they're a steal.

    Easy to set up, can be listening to music within 2 mins of opening the box. I use them with a Sony Ericcson W610i and the remote controls on the ear pieces are very handy.

    Handsfree: Everyone I've spoken to using them as a handsfree kit said it was like I was using the phone normally, very clear sound through the headphones.

    Everyday useage they might not feel secure at first but I've been running and cycling with them on and they never once came off. They do take a little getting used to at first but once you've worn them a few times you feel comfortable.

    Well worth the money.

  5.  This isn't 300 it's a documentary.


    I've read a couple of the reviews and at least 2 of them are under the impression this is 300 the film recently released. It's actually a documentary and a very good one if you'd like to learn more about the battle of thermopylae it's well worth a look.