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  1.  Very Frustrating Game


    The game is obviously aimed at online play, because the single player is horrible. The lack of AI effects both attack and defence. In attack players make poor straight runs at best, in defence no matter how much pressure you put on the ball, the computer can always play its way out if you are playing Brighton or Barcelona.

    Tactical defending - Tackling is a waste of time, as the computer knows its coming and just turns, you end up just letting them knock it around until they have a shot, cross or through ball you can intercept. If you switch back to oldschool defending, its even worse.

    Player inpact engine doesnt work, you get fouled and get booked for it, computer doesnt foul anyway, not had a free kick in half a season.

    In general the game is too slow, its like playing football on the moon. Some of the new stuff they add is completely pointless, you now have sliders to set how often your or opposition players make mistakes, it all feels so unnatural.

  2.  A step backwards.


    After playing the Japanese version of this game, its left me quite disapointed. although we all expect an almost identical game to the previous this version seems to be a step backwards in pretty much all aspects. The graphics are so blocky and out of focus most of the time, the new pokemon are unoriginal and boring, the story line is weak, linear and makes no sense, the characters are dull, the new tripple battles hardly feature and are nothing ground breaking. There are a couple of good changes, but I'd much rather be playing generation 4.