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  1.  Poor product


    I brought these for my iPhone 4, and they barely fit.

    Take it out of your pocket and the case will be half hanging off!

  2. By The Way

    By The Way

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - CD

    31 New from  £3.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.76

     For me this has everything..


    This album for me has everything;

    Melodies like - Dosed and I could Die for you
    upbeat fast paced rock - Minor thing
    bit of a head banger - throw away your television
    and the brilliance that is - Carbron

    You must own this album!

  3.  Decent enough story ..online is better now servers are fixed


    Well this is a decent enough game, the story is a brilliant idea that is pretty predictable in the end.

    The online is just what about saves this game from being below average, a nice mixture of COD and Battlefield to make it interesting. Some things mistify me though, getting shot from a mile away by a sniper that barely zooms in more than a acog scope?

    Achievements - Pretty standard, but I didn't get a complete the game one which confused me!?

    I think there need to be more inventive ones rather than complete on this difficulty kill this many enemies with your shoelace.
    Maybe one's like... Throw 12 grenade's and kill more than 40 enemies?

  4.  My Favourite Book


    I am now on my third copy of this book as I've worn the other two out!!

    If you have a passion/interest for WWII then read this book!

    A good descriptive story with plenty of analysis of the emotions a soldier experiences during combat training, combat itself and once the war has ended. There is a nice touch at the end with the post war lives of the soldiers.

    If you do read and like this book try and get hold of David Webster's memoirs a much more indepth and graphic depiction of life as a paratrooper!

  5.  open your mind.


    I understand all the comparrison's to MW2 as it was the last game in the series, however evey gamer should take into account the producers. I have read some comments about stopping power being taken away and that others whom complain aren't very good at the game.

    There is some reasoning and logic in that take into account several variables. Time you got the game; if , like me, you got it on the day of release you have had plenty of time in order to get used to the maps game play etc. however if you only got it more recently you are probably being frustrated buy the fact that your getting pwned every time you set foot on the game.

    All I can suggest is that you give it time. I personally think it is very much a run and gun still and long may this continue.

    The story seems good thus far; one quite emtion provoking story line for me.

    online: Spawning is an issue, and some of the hit markers are rediculous, i'm sure that they can be ironed out.

    Overall a good game very much with its faults, people need to realise its very much a different game to MW2.

  6.  as below...Starts Well


    When I got it, I thought that what a bargin this looks like a bit of an expensive piece of kit... worked fine it come to yesterday 17/11/2010 and its broken on me.. a month or so after buying it.

  7.  very good one flaw though...


    I love this game and wouldn't want to put anyone off it... it is excellent the visuals,gameplay, AI all breathtaking

    My only gripe is that the story is rather linear.. go to one place find out about the target kill the target repeat and so on.

    It is a very good game one of my favourites though.

  8.  okay..


    pretty much FIFA 10 really I agree with the other posts about player AI on be a goalkeeper being shocking it makes for what is the most boring part of the game, even when I played as BLACKPOOL!!The person who gets the achievement for playing a season as the goalkeeper gets my respect!... Online is okay however mine froze last night which was gutting as we were winning.

    Overall A decent enough game, considered a must buy just to get a game online.