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  1.  A Future Lost Gem?


    Story-- One of the best in a game for some time.
    Game play--Fun simple and entertaining
    Graphics--Top notch
    Difficulty--Easy (On normal mode)
    Length-- 10-12 hours

    Cons- There are a few camera issues during combat and some might find the platforming to simplistic.

    On the whole a solid game which I couldn't put down until I finished it I strongly recommend it

  2.  Unmissable


    The wire quite possibly is the greatest show ever made on the subject of crime. It's more than just a cop show its multi layered with ideas messages and social commentary that in no way becomes preachy. This show has compelling drama and a calibre of character development unrivaled by any show thats come before or after it. I watched this show reluctantly, like alot of people on the recommendation of a friend (being a massive shield fan i didnt think it could stack up) well im happy to say i was wrong. Even the weakest season is head an sholuders above most oter shows out there so if your even a little curious about what the fuss is about check it out . To para-quote cartman "go out buy the wire and join the televisual sensation before we all murder you!"

  3.  2nd worst movie ever made


    the idea has so much potential but it dosen't go anywhere and it just gets sappy and mushy complete unfunny tripe, by the way catwoman is the worst movie ever made case you were wondering

  4.  Solid RPG


    this is one for all the old school RPG fans it dosen't re-invent the wheel in fact it takes it and copies it excatly. The fighing system is excellent with time triggered attacks thast keep you striving for pefection, solid magic system nothing to revolutionary, what this game has over others out here is heart ,good story and lovable characters. that will keep you entertain for min of 40 hrs add another 30+ if u wanna go all the way there is also DLC on xbox live if it isn't enough for you. a steal at this price (£19.99 at time of review)

  5.  laugh a minute


    it got mauled by some critics reviews but i gotta say they were dead wrong this movie is hilarious its feels like a preqel to superbad and owen wilson is just the icing on the cake buy now you wont regret.

  6.  Lots of space


    ok enough of people saying its rubbish cuz theres nothing but a big hard drive. its a standard 360 but if ur into HD gaming and wanna take advantage of the downloadable content on xbox live then get this console. if u just wanna game and are not to fussed on HD or downloadable content hit the regular xbox and avoid the core package

  7.  shadow hearts from the old world


    if u played the seconf one then this will be all too familurar not that its a bad thing its a solid game with the same gameplay as befor much like an add on really with new characters. *warning* the game has a freezing bug with the character NATAN dont use him and ull be fine :D enjoy

  8.  Greatest season


    the shields finest season with vic and the strike tream greatest foe antoine mitchell adding to the drama amazing prefomaces from glen close too boot miss at your peril