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  1.  Disappointed


    I bought this product based on the amazing reviews I read about it and how it lasts a long time. Which I found out was completely false.
    The product has great sound quality, yes, but I bought them twice now and they both stopped working in 3 months or less. First one completely stopped working, no sound came through at all. Second one, the left earphone broke.
    I'm not gonna bother buying them the third time.



    When I first saw the trailer I thought this movie was gonna be an unmemorable, full of gags humour sort of animation, but when I watched it I was pleasantly surprised. The trailer didn't do it justice at all! It's like when I thought How to Train your Dragon was going to be disappointing but turned out to be one helluva film! I'll give you 5 reasons why you should watch this movie:
    1. Brilliant and unpredictable storyline
    2. Likeable characters
    3. Engaging dialogue (with the help from amazing voice acting)
    4. The emotional bunch was a an extremly pleasant surprise
    5. And an amazing soundtrack (with familiar songs we all love and compositions by the talented Hans Zimmer)

  3.  Hilarious!


    If you love rom-coms and Cillian Murphy then this is the movie for you! Both Lucy and Cillian performed brilliantly throughout the film!



    I wanted to watch it because I saw the fantastic and deceiving trailer; this ultimately became MY FAVOURITE THRILLER EVER! I loved it! It was a brilliant psychological thriller and eye-catching throughout. I adore Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy, they both performed very convincingly. It's so worth watching! Craven did a wonderful job on this one!

  5.  So awful there was no word in the dicitonary to describe it


    I'm a big, big, BIG fan of the cartoon series and was distraught at the fact that M.Night would even consider creating a movie from this wonderful and successful series and turn it into a controversial issue. The casting was one thing, but I though he would AT LEAST just stick to an approproate storyline that does not confuse those who have not watched this series before. Everything in the movie was terribly made, even the acting. Each character was so badly portrayed that it was obvious they didn't even do their research or TRY. The littlest things irritated me such as the "Oong" pronounciation of his name. No effort at all was put in the movie.

    For those who have not seen the cartoon, don't bother wasting 2 hours of your life, and for those who are a fan of the series, don't even bother looking at the poster. Period.