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  1.  True classics that hit their mark


    After being sorely disappointed with Absolution's linear, hand-holding approach (which was obviously aimed at the more vacuous mass-market crowd), I wanted to play a "proper" Hitman game, and was delighted to find out the greatest three games in the series were being re-released, in HD, with PS3 trophy support. These are the best versions of the games I have played, and take me back to the days when developers weren't afraid to make a game challenging, deep, and true to their original vision.

  2.  Refreshingly Taxing


    Here is an "investigation game" that finally feels that you're the one that's actually investigating. In recent years, there's been a tendency for the actual gameplay to take a back seat to the cinematic presentation of games, such as LA Noire, a game that's all style no substance (though still impressive).

    Yes, Sherlock Holmes may not be as pretty or polished as big-budget adventures, but it offers quite a challenge that demands your complete attention, and quite a variety of puzzles and clues to find that really provide a sense of achievement that hasn't really been felt in the genre since the early Broken Sword titles. Glad I found this gem.

  3. Barking


    Underworld - CD

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     Great, but not as good as Oblivion with Bells


    At first I was worried, as the first two tracks were a little generic and forgettable. But, from track 3 onwards, the Underworld magic kicks in, and there are some outstanding sounds bouncing into your ears. Scribble, Diamond Jigsaw, Hamburg Hotel, Moon in Water - all simply great to listen to (not to mention the little 'detour' of Louisiana at the end).

    However, Barking feels like a more mainstream-friendly album than Oblivion with bells; and a less personal album from Underworld. There's a bit less subtlety to the tracks, and not as many daring, beautiful ventures as the likes of Good Morning Cockerel or Glam Bucket.

    BUT, this is still a brilliant album - these guys know what they're doing.