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  1.  Sweet


    I enjoyed the game very much, there was a great story line and lots of good side missions. Upgrades and leveling up is awesome as you can choose what aspect of your character to improve. However, it can be aukward to find where you need to go on the map. Overall its a good game and definately reccomended to buy!

  2.  Sweet buy!


    I really enjoyed this game. Theres lots of weapon and armor mods and loads of different weapons and armor to buy. There is a great story line and being able to choose your response to people is a great feature. This game is a must buy and is very cheap!

  3.  Best Game ever!


    Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are by far my favourite games of all time! There are a few glitches now and again but if you make sure you save your game often you should be fine. Fallout 3 has a brilliant story line to follow and awesome side quests to do as you please. This game is a must buy, lots of weapons and lots of creatures and a huge wasteland to explore, so get the game and get out there!

  4.  Not a bad game!


    This is by far one of the best games ive ever played! Its hard to compare to Modern warfare 2 but with the awesome multiplayer and of course the zombies!! I think its better! A good storyline with a bit of a twist, lots of weapons old and new and the veteran mode is a hard but fun challenge! This game is a must buy, so get the game and kick some zombie ass!

  5.  Sweet Game!


    I really enjoyed this game! You are able to upgrade different things depending on if you want to send peoples souls to heaven or hell!! Lots of fighting and killing, awesome combos and a fairly good storyline. Its no COD but overall its still a good game and for 9.99 you cant go wrong!

  6.  Awesome!


    This game is emmence! Nearly all of the terrain can be destroyed by your mightly sledge hammer! Lots of weapons available and a large map. Want to get into a building and there are guards at the front door? Just make your own door by blowing a hole in the wall! A great game and for 6 quid you cant go wrong!

  7.  Sweet Game!


    Briliant game, loads of zombies to kill all the time and unlimed ammo on your handguns at all times! Multiplayer is great , play as a human or an infected and have lots of gory fun!

  8.  Fantastic Game!


    I enjoyed the game very much! The storyline was fantastic and the weapons were awesome. Non stop killing and fun around every corner! This game is a must buy!

  9.  A good buy


    Dead rising 2 is so much better than dead rising. The storyline and nonstop killing is brilliant. However, sometimes you run out of time to do the little side missions and because of this to get to level 50 i had to complete the game 3 times! Overall the game is very fun and the weapon combining is a great idea. I would reccomend to play!

  10.  Brilliant!


    I am a big fan of fallout 3 and didnt think new vegas would measure up, but after playing the game it did, and i thought it was even better! So many more weapons and much more to do. Choosing what side to take and which path to follow. Non stop wasteland fun! Would reccomend people to buy!