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  1.  Grows - and grows and grows


    Not as immeadiately arresting as the first album, this one however seems to have more long term resonance and depth. Addressing universal existential themes about mans place in the world, it echoes biblical language and old time sensibilites while being more musically adventerous than their debut. Although it perhaps does not have the stand-out "favourites" that the first album presented to more casual listeners, it works better as a whole, creating a rich tapestry of both sound and stories that will provide another brick in what one would expect, will be Fleet Foxes lasting legacy. Absolutely stone-cold worth purchasing. A triumph.

  2.  Moderate offering from a great writer


    Structurally utilising lots of flashback and a constant internal dialogue, the dynamic of the novel is restricted by the physical circumstances of the main protaganist. I felt that King was experimenting somewhat with this novel, trying to essentially write what it would be like to experieince someones thoughts, I felt it labored in places to achieve the character and plot driven highs many of his other novels deliver. A great writer of popular fiction who's work documents a quintessential America misfired a bit on this one. Worth reading if you can't get enough of King, newer readers might be better to off reading one of his more classic offerings like Salem's Lot or The Stand.

  3. Whores



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     Fans will like - some interesting info on LA Rock scene too


    An enjoyable read if you are interested in the personalites behind one of the best LA bands of the late 80's early 90's. Hugely influential in the transition of the underground to overground, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Stephen Perkins truly merged theatre, dance and amazing energy and musical talent into a crazy art explosion that still garners fans to this day. It is an oral history, so is comprised of many little vignettes from the members themselves and LA and international scensters and musicians of the time - some a couple of pages long, others mere paragraphs or sentences - recorded vocally and transcribed by Brendan Mullen.

    I enjoyed it immensley as I knew many of the characters interviewed and it was great to hear the background to some of the relationships, recordings and concerts. If you are not a fan it is still interesting as a document of that period in LA and the transition of "alternative" music into being more acceptable to the mainstream.