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  1.  Dissapointing


    Zombies is a blast and some of the new additions are welcome but others are annoying (fire everywhere) If you enjoyed BO zombies you will love BO2 version.

    Campaign is too short and cinematic take forever with not enough user controlled gameplay but the story is good.

    The real problems are in multiplayer where not only has nothing got better since previous cod's its actually become worse. If you don't have a 4 bar connection there's little point in playing. The matchmaking is terrible and i constantly get put with european players in spain, italy and france but never in english lobbies so the connection is always bad.
    The maps are horrible, there's bits sticking out everywhere that stop your character from moving, you get pushed around when running by team mates and the camping headglitchers are out of control.
    The biggest problem is the hit detection and freezing it's at the point where it's basically unplayable.
    IMO Call of Duty is starting to fail, it's just no fun anymore!

  2. Rage



    7 New from  £6.23  Free delivery

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     Great Game


    RAGE is finally here and boy what a game it is. After all the awards from various shows I was expecting great things and this game sure delivers. From Multiplayer car carnage to the epic single player campaign, there is something for everyone and it's a joy to play.

    The multiplayer is based around vehicular rampages set in various different maps all of which are stunning to look at and provide a satisfying environment in which to go about your task, whether it be simply destroying your opponents in a free-for-all setting or collecting items. There is 4 game types to keep you interested, with emblems to unlock and show off as well as stats pages to see how you stack up against your friends. The online play is smooth and gets you into a game quickly with few 'host migration' problems. So far i've seen 1 migration and it just puts you right back into game, no booting to the lobby like in Black Ops!

    The single player is immense, with sharp graphics and missions that keep you wanting more. Loads of jobs and side quests that add to the story rather than get in the way and characters that are engaging and interesting. The FPS side of things is very well done with the controls being familiar to those who play Battlefield and COD. The weaponry is limited at the start but you quickly uncover upgrades and better ammo and if you have the anarchy edition you get the double barrel shotty...that thing is packin' some serious heat!!

    Overall I would highly recommend this game with its crazy cool car combat and fantastic FPS elements and graphics. Great fun! 10/10

  3.  Terrible Guide. Nice art!


    This guide book is a waste of space in terms of information given. There are many errors in key sections, like the move lists and combos. The pull out laminated cards are a really nice idea but the information on them is wrong and incomplete. Moves are written wrong, directions are incorrect and distances are either totally missed off or incorrect. The only use this book serves is for the decent artwork but don't get too excited because there is only a very small section of pictures. The majority of the guide is taken up with really pointless screenshots of moves and combos. They actually show you nothing and do not give the user and real information. It would have been better if they had included the button pictures and directions to press for both PS3 and xbox but instead they gave us silly screenshots. Overall, i'd have to advise giving this guide a miss and saving your money. If i could return mine for a refund i defiantly would. Epic FAIL Prima!

  4.  Mixed feelings


    Ok, so having played every Final Fantasy from 7 onwards I have mixed feelings about XIII.

    Battle system (partly)

    No Gil after battles
    Story play time

    So the positives are definitely the graphics and the characters with good textures and nice looking environments. The battle system is fast and slick but its a shame there isn't more control over the AI. Just having an option to pre program how the other 2 characters perform in battle would be very helpful and more fun, instead of just having the computer decide what to cast or how to attack. The story is good but a bit too short for my liking and I didnt think the boss fights were challenging enough in the story. The missions had much harder bosses and that is mainly post-game play.

    The negatives were really frustrating for me and held the game back in my opinion. The main issues are regarding Gil (money) and the farming that goes with it to acquire new weapons, upgrades and accessories. The problem is that there is NO gil after battles, only a few 'spoil' drops. This means that you will be spending about 20 hours farming Adamantoise, Soldiers, Long Gui and Sacrifice's while running around corridors that are way too long. Meaning that post story the game gets very repetitive and rather dull which is a shame.

    My tips if you are interested in this game buy it and use online guides and tips sites to aid you, since getting the trophies can hinge on one small mistake you want to make sure you don't miss a treasure sphere or sell the wrong item. Oh and create multiple saves as the upgrading of weapons can be really time consuming.

    Overall i'd give the game 8/10. With a few alterations they could have made this a really classic but it just falls short in some areas. It's a nice change of pace from MW2 though so yeah, go buy it and check out Fangs abs lol

  5.  Good for games not for digital tv


    I bought this tv for an xbox 360 elite so i can only comment on it used in that manner. When connected with a decent hdmi cable it produces excellent results. Any other connection, ie scart is appalling quality. The various displays are good quality and the menu is easy to navigate and set up. It's a decent size for a bedroom/kitchen but a bit small for other uses. The one gripe I do have is that the audio jack on mine doesn't work. You plug in headphones or external speakers and the sound still comes out of the tv's speakers!!? Philips will be gettin a call tomorrow. Overall, its a decent tv and the image quality with hdmi is superb. Oh the other small thing ive noticed is that the power lead is very loose in the back of the tv so a slight knock and you loose picture. It can be wall mounted and its a VESA 100 size. 7.5/10