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  1.  excellent


    orwell paints a picture of a man hitting a "comfortable rock bottom" where the main character chooses to be in that state, a state of living but living with no responsisbilites and no one relying on him in any way. The thought of that kind of life sounds almost theraputic as i sit typing this.

  2.  an overshadowed novel


    this is realy orwells unsung hero. Fantastic! read this before you read animal farm but after 1984!

  3.  take it on a plane


    a short yet beautiful novel. Took it on a long haul flight the day after i finished 1984 and finished it over 10 hours, i enjoye everyone of those 10 hours.

  4.  i dont know why i liked it..........


    .........but i did. Who would have thought that you could enjoy a book about an author telling you what he is reading, has read, what he should be reading and what he wants to read! It is refreshing to know that im not the only person who will buy a book that you may never get round to reading.

  5.  liked it


    enjoyed this immensly, i cared for these characters! Is that the sign of a good book? I think so....bravo!

  6.  nice


    i will never be able to say a bad word against Louis Theroux because he is nothin less than a legend. This book is therfore legendry, but to be fair if Louis was to release a song into the charts where he does nothin but whistles i would also say it was legendry! sriously though, good book!

  7.  hmmmmm


    mmmmm......i dont know, i just dont know. i would love to be a character in this book, live the life etc etc. But is this realy the way you want to pull girls? by brainwashing them, haha! never the less a good read, good characters, good story in general along with the fact it gives the less confident blokes out there a bit of a life-line (bravo)!

  8.  the best i have ever read?


    what is the first question, a non-reader asks an avid reader when they look at the avid readers bookshelf? "WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK?" An impossible question to answer i think any avid reader would agree. Until now!!!! Because now when i am asked this question i will reply "my favourite book is 'average american male by chad kultgen'

  9.  this book was the ending of my childhood


    now that i have finished book 7 i have lost the final piece of my childhood that i was desperately clinging onto. the books will now sit on my bookshelf until i have children to pass them down to. but were the books realy that good.......i havnt made my mind up yet!

  10.  the character was truly an avaerage american male


    i will read any book chad will every write due to his stunning debut and therefore have just finished the lie. loved it in the way i love a sunday morning, im not sure wots lies ahead im just happy to be there when it happens.