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  1.  Entertaining but short.


    I bought this after buying a 3D TV and looking for something that really showed off the 3D, I have been to the Grand Canyon a bunch of time and will always maintain that you cannot capture the sheer scale of the canyon, even in 3D its still missing the massive scale that is simply breath taking. The film is mainly about the river running through the canyon rather than the canyon itself (clue is in the title!!) but having said that there are still lots of shots of the canyon itself. My 2 criticisms would be that its quite short at 44 mins and the bonus features are not in 3D, that said its still absolutely stunning, the best 3D I have seen so far on my TV and the closest I think we will come to actually appreciating the true glory of The Grand Canyon without actually being there.

  2.  Very, Very impressed.


    I was quite worried when I bought this that I was going to have trouble with it. I tend to suffer from what the US Military has labelled "Simulator Sickness" that basically being nausea brought on by a video source (in the instance a video game). I did try this game on the PC and never got on with it (maybe should have read the manual!!!). Anyway I read through the manual on this one and I have to tell you that it is so addictive, although quite what I am addicted to I know not! is it the lush graphics? the full 5.1 in game surround sound? the immersive game play? the non-linear fashion 'go anywhere do anything' style of the game? who knows! While I still suffer a little with nausea with this game its only very slight this is in no small part due to the intuitive control system. I play a lot of EverQuest2 and while it can't take the place of that because of the multi-player angle of EverQuest 2 this game out strips EverQuest in virtually every aspect, frankly I would be astounded if an RPG fan bought this and was disappointed by it. Admittedly you need to spend a good couple of hours settling into the game but by the time you realise that you are hooked its way to late to put down the controller. I am only giving this game 5 stars because it won't let me give it more. Cant recommend enough.