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  1.  Ministry of more nostalgia..


    Excellent follow up to the first 80's release offering more tunes from bands that have heavily influenced todays artists..

  2.  Real Progress...


    Thoroughly enjoyed this..god i must be getting old..robbie's presence is clearly etched on here,good catchy tunes..like kidz.

  3.  Plan B..rilliant


    Love this album and is very easy listening,ben drew's classy vocals are a throwback to the motown years & just a joy to listen to....
    Very pleasantly surprised.

  4.  Woke me up...


    This is a brilliant album from paul weller & possibly my favourite,some of these tracks have echoes of the early bowie sound and are just a joy to listen to,andromeda,no tears left to cry & aim high are my stand out tracks..
    Quality with age.. salute mr weller..

  5.  Wick-ed film...


    This film quite rightly deserves it's place in british cinema history not only for the enigmatic storyline which is in fact based on a real community way of life but the sheer acting brilliance of Lee & woodward plus great support from other well known faces,
    An exceptional film & the remake starring nicolas cage is not a patch on this cult original

  6.  DON'T PANIC..


    As a kid i hated this and thought it was a war comedy for OAP's and for many years dismissed it as 'boring' even though i never watched one single episode,having received it as a gift i settled down to watch them,expecting to switch off in the 2nd episode and over the next month with which it took to watch them i've got to say that it deserves it's place in british comedy history as one of the best sit coms ever,good british humour and characters,soo glad i gave it a chance.
    Every episode is here including a synopsis of the main characters actors,unfortunately the movie version is left out
    A salutary lesson in judgement.

  7.  Ministry of nostalgia..


    Excellent 3 disc collection of the main 80's tunes you'd want to hear again,all these tracks are individual and don't give you the non stop mix from one track to the next,
    if your a fan of 80's electro pop then this is the one for you..a very good buy..

  8.  Early cult..


    The only album from the southern death cult which astbury went onto rename the band more famously known as the cult,these early recordings are raw and a joy to listen to,the brilliant false faces is on here which is one of my favourite tracks ever..it's good to see you can still buy this album.

  9.  Ministry of just ok..


    Hmmm it's ok but thats all it is,slightly disappointed in this years annual,not their best but i suppose if your like me and collect them every year then you must carry on and hope that it surpasses your expectations..



    He's back and he still has it,robbie hasn't disappointed in what could be his best album yet,hearing 'bodies' at first i thought was just ok then it started to grow on me as was hearing the rest of the album, i was very surprised at how easy listening it is,i don't think there are any future classics on here as with his earlier work but for robbie standards it's more of a grown up album and one of his better efforts..