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  1.  Fab-u-lus


    Wonderful film...never mind the hype this witty affectionate portrait of Hollywood's Golden Age has real heart. A film about characters you'll care about & yes the dog is a real star too! Treat yourself to this one. You'll watch this until you wear out the disc & then you'll want to buy another one.

  2.  Screams Oscar for Williams


    Wonderful film based on Colin Clarks two diaries...Michelle Williams is breathtaking, almost spooky at times to look at her & yet hear & see Marilyn. But this is no parody or copycat mimic, this is a beautiful, intuitive & haunting portrait at Marilyn at her most vulnerable, just before she starts filming Some Like It Hot. Treat yourself to this gem...no great Shakesperean Branagh & co British tour de force, but a gem nevertheless, Marilyn would have loved it!

  3.  Worth a Stroll with this one!


    Terrific sleeper series I caught on FX... Definitely one of the best 'zombie' style plague series with Andrew
    Lincoln in the lead role fulfilling his promise after 'Love Actually'. Really strong thriller, with plenty of gore, but for all the predictable stuff, there is strong character development and some gutsy storylines which will continue with the much anticipated second season. Definitely serves the comic book well with elegiac journey of the lead character and some really iconic imagery.

  4. Doubt



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    Funny, sad, thought provoking... a must for your collection if you value tour de force cinema. The principals are brilliant with Meryl and Phillip Seymour Hoffman toe to toe slugging it out. You won't be disappointed by probably the best film of the year.

  5.  Nature's Light Show


    Spectacular natural light show featuring the aurora borealis or Northern Lights - man couldn't create this if he tried. Breathtaking, awesome, the superlatives don't cover what you'll see in this well deserved DVD version of the BBC program which features Joanna Lumley in search of this mystical light show.

    She is rewarded and so will you be if you purchase this DVD - only pity there seems no sign of it on Blu Ray. C'mon BBC get it sorted Blu Ray was made for this. Lumley's quirky personality provides a good counterpoint to her travels. Her responses to the people she meets and to the revelation that is the actual light show are both honest and moving.

  6.  British Josh Wheedon exists


    I had a look at the TV series with some trepidation but yes there it is a witty script with brilliant one liners and a superb cast - Russell Tovey acts everyone else off the screen. As black as Angel, as witty as Firefly with some pretty dark themes being examined. I urge you to look at this I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  7.  Quirky Sci-Fi


    Anyone who has discovered this unique sci-fi show as it wanders around digital channel from Sky One to its' rightful home on the Sci-fi Channel will not be disappointed with the box set - except for a pretty woeful set of extras. Even Region 1 has little to offer - testament to the fact that so many great American imports don't have investment until after they are sucessful and by then it is difficult to conjure up podcasts etc., [these are available on the show's web site] but the makers of the DVD could have done better.

    As for the show itself - wonderful, quirky, great dialogue and story development - although beware season 2 is getting into X File territory or Lost without answers. Characters themselves including the excellent Colin Ferguson are well defined supported by intelligent and witty one-liners. Definately worth buying for fans and for those of you who have only caught the odd episode - prepare to be a fan - if you love Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity you will love this.

  8.  Brother's Grimm on Speed!


    Forget the subtitles, kick back and allow this stunning visual metaphor for the ethnic cleansing of a democracy which is not prepared to embrace a military junta. Strong messages carefully cultured in those fairytales that had you laughing, crying and peeping out from under the duvet to see if the scary monsters were real. This film may have strong political messages for us all but you get lost in visuals of mythic proportions which are as beautiful as they are surreal and unnerving. This film deserves a Blu Ray release, you'll be entranced and occasionally disturbed by this Brother's Grimm on speed.

  9.  Breathtaking... as good as it gets in cinema.


    I have loved and studied this film for years and every year I introduce a new generation of my students to this astonishing, bravura example of the best in sci-fi or any other genre of cinema. Have every other copy of this film in every medium from the US and here and at last I get my hands of Ridley's true vision for one of Phillip Dick finest novels. Counting the days... treat yourself to this definitive version, this is something very special.

  10.  Breathtaking visuals it doesn't get any better than this.


    Saw this film on Region 1 Blu-Ray - even if you don't like comic book interpretations this is a gorgeous visual feast -violent and yet strangely beautiful. Every frame on pause will have you drooling at this faithful rendering of Frank Miller's story. Miss this only if you are a philistine.