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  1.  Takes a while to get into it.


    At the start of the game you get to enjoy all of your powers, then in typical gaming story fashion you're put back a few weeks to when you have a few weak powers, oh fun! The lack of powers means you spend half the game trying to do things you cannot, and because you've already played the fully loaded character there's no surprise. It's just, ah finally, I can do something I should have been able to do from the start. That said, the graphics are mediocre at best and the AI is rarely challenging, however the game is very fun and once you've reached that stage where you're finally really powerful it's loads of fun and well worth the time.

  2.  Great graphics, but a bit of a messy dancer?


    First of all the demo was 1.2GB and took only 10 mins to complete. In these 10mins it wowed me and everyone who has played the demo in the graphics and sound department. As for the game play I have had mixed reviews, the character you control feels heavy, like he's wearing a full metal jacket and lugging around a huge weapon. Some people like this as it adds a feel of realism that games like CoD, Halo, and pretty much every single shooter fail to give. Other people dislike this as it is dissimilar to previous games they have played.

    After playing the demo through multiple times, I have grown to like the default control configuration and also the feel of the game itself.

    All in all this game is set to be great fun, with, from what I have gathered from people who played the online beta, a solid multiplayer.

  3.  Suffers from the writers strike and writers block


    Due to the writers strike Scrubs season 7 was cut short at just 11 episodes. Not only that but it seems that the writers gave up long before the writers strike, as this season just feels forced compared to the previous 6 amazing seasons. Don't get me wrong this season is still funny, but after watching the first 4 episodes of season 8 it really put into perspective how far they let season 7 go.

    I don't know about you but I think they should have halved the price of this season seeing as it was cut in half.

  4.  This is for the people who think modded cars look cool


    These docks are priced at a reasonable price, they wont burn a hole in your pocket. That about all I can say about this thats positive, the rest is just my opinion and you may think differently. The lights are unnessary and make your expensive piece of kit (PS3 and HDTV) look like you bought it second hand from one of those people who likes to put neons under their car.

    This is what they are, for show, just a shame it makes your set up look tacky and cheap.

    However, if you like neon lights under your car, then this is the next logical step.

  5. 300



    19 New from  £7.27  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.50

     Another fantastic Frank Miller graphic novel to movie!


    Losely based on the Mythological story of 300 men who stood against the Persian Empire, this movie follows the King of Sparta who masses an "army" of 300 men, together they wage war in a beautifully over the top, war glorifying battle. Expect gory slow motion battle scenes with witty narrations, this is definitely a movie for men, yet there's plenty of CGI enhanced abs to keep your girl happy.

    A must buy for any action movie fan!

  6.  Fantastic Online game!


    This game is exactly what the PS3 needed, a fast paced, action packed multi player game. Up to 4 players can play on one PS3 both online and offline.

    8/10 The graphics are very good, enough to wow you sometimes, but don't go expecting everything to look amazing up close, after all the whole game takes up less than 800mb!

    10/10 Really fast paced, land and air action, so much so that the 5 second wait from dying to coming back seems like a lifetime. Some balancing needs to be resolved, the planes seem to be weak compared to land weapons, but there's nothing like a good old dogfight.

    Game modes:
    There are 4 different types of game you can play within Warhawk including:
    CTF (Capture the Flag)
    DM (Death Match)
    TDM (Team Death Match
    ZN (Zone control (simular to how BF games work))

    As well as that there are different scenarios including:
    Dogfight (planes only)
    King of the Castle (small land area and large plane area)
    and just anything goes.

    As far as online gaming goes, there is nothing as fast paced and as fun as Warhawk on the PS3 as of yet, this is PS3's answer to Halo 3 online, and its a damn good game!

    A must buy for any PS3 owner.

  7.  Adam Sandlers worst movie


    I bought this movie simply because I like Adam Sandler movies, well this is one of his first movies and it shows. It is just terrible, I'd only buy this as a present for someone as a joke.

    I snapped my copy in half, I suggest you buy a copy and do the same.

  8.  Demo struts its stuff and its impressive


    I played the Demo from the U.S. PSN and this game is really visually impressive, also the game play is much more inviting, instead of daunting races the game play is encouraging improvement and to have fun, exactly what racing games should be like. A must buy game for anyone with a PS3 and a taste for some 4 wheel action.

  9.  Amazing monitor and HDTV!


    Such a fantastic monitor, connected it to my PC with a HDMI-DVI cable. looks amazing on my desktop, I have it set up running with my other 19" non wide screen monitor and they look great together.

    Then there's the TV functions, its a great HDTV, I have it connected up to my Playstation 3 via the HDMI cable and my xbox via scart. Again picture quality is amazing. The speakers on it are ok and can go quite loud, good enough till I can be bothered to hook it up to my surround sound system.