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  1.  Lovin it


    first of all play were really good with my pre order as i got home from work on the day of release and it was there waiting for me! so i whipped it into the xbox and have so far loved it!!

    the new tackling system is a breath of fresh air! gone are the days of holding down A and waiting for your CB to catch up with a much faster striker to steal the ball! now you have to really time your challenges or you will be exposed!! your player will do a useless lunge if timed incorecctly and the other player will just casually stroll past into the space. being able to send an AI player to jockey the person on the ball while you mark someone else is a great thing as the computer AI has been vastly improved and they make some very good runs.

    There have been a few noticable changes in the career mode! the addition of deadline day is a nice thing!! so over dramatic and tense just like the real life version. the clock stops every couple of hours to give you time to try and bring in that last player and so you can see where the other big moves are happening. (on my game 180mil was spent on deadline day!!!

    the quick throw option is a nice little addition.. speeding up the game a bit and can be a good chance to score a cheeky goal while the other team tries to get back.

    online is still as fun as ever! the new head to head season looks like some fun! giving you a target amount of points needed to get promoted in 10 games against other players... so you could be the team that stops them getting promoted or even sends them down a division!! the new tackling system shows online! a human player is very quick to pick up on the space created by a misplaced tackle!.

    i think this is the best in the series and would recomend it to any FIFA fan! there have been vast improvements on the old FIFA games and i think theyre onto a winner with this one! easily give them 9.5/10.. (would of been 10 out of 10... but there doesnt seem to be any new stadiums that ive noticed.. and i like a change of scenery now and again)

  2.  its getting there


    this game has been on the end of some pretty harsh reviews! i personnally have enjoyed this game so far! here are what i find the pros:
    exploration: litterally hundreds of miles of road to drive! you can be there for hours exploring all of the little side roads!
    cars: i like the cars that you can get.. a nice mix of top of the range and mid range!
    offroad: i enjoy driving offroad more than onroad! much more fun in a range rover tearing around the countryside!
    online: quite often it will say that you cant connect to the servers even though you are online and can even see other players.. this is quite annoying as this game is supposed to have a key online feature!
    noises: the car noises.... eeeergh just arent doing it for me! dont sound particularily impressive and all sound fairly similar!
    voice acting: this has seriously let the game down!!! its just so painful to listen to the characters speaking!!!!

    this game has pluses and negatives! for the price its being sold at.. im afraid i'll have to say that id advise avoiding this! let it drop by 10 pounds or so then id reccomend it any day!!! its definatly a work in progress (shame on the makers for releasing a half finished game) but has some serious potential to have people playing for a long time!!!! gets my rating of 7/10

  3.  very good


    when i first popped this into the xbox i was a little unsure as to what to expect.. but i've been pleasently surprised!

    singleplayer: the single player is good! to me it doesn't seem quite the quality from AC2 but it is still very good! i like the fact that its all based in Rome as it is very big and each section of the city feels differant from the others. i have enjoyed the storyline and the cutscenes are as good as ever! there are plenty of side missions to do such as Lorenzos war machines and the assasination contracts.. the platform styled tombs are back belonging to the followers of Romulus. a nice and welcome addition is the assassin recruits! sending them on missions is a fun little side mission training them all up. you can also call them to help you take out guards, this feature makes the game a bit easier but the assasinations they perform are fun to watch!
    multiplayer: WOW... something unique! fresh! enjoyable! so far ive only tried wanted and its a great bit of fun! each person in the lobby picks a character and gets thrown into a map.. you are then given a target whilst being someone elses target! aas the game progresses you can end up with 3 people trying to assasinate you and other people going for your target! its a nice challenge as someone coming out of nowhere to assasinate you makes you jump and the game keeps you on your toes!
    i give singleplayer 8/10 and multiplayer 9/10.. worth a 5 star rating to me!

  4.  very very good


    being a brit ive never really followed the game... always seemed to long and ive never been able to watch a whole game.. dunno what made me buy this really, was just walking through a shop one day and thought screw it and i bought it. so i got it home and played it and at first i was very unimpressed. i couldnt get the hang of it. shooting i found difficult... defending i couldnt understand! and i got very fed up!

    but then... one game... i played... and wow!!!! i just enjoyed the game so much! the my player mode is brilliant!!! the association mode is very fun! everything about it is enjoyable!!!

    i would definatly recomend this game to anyone!!! so much fun!!! might take a bit of persistence but once you get the hang of the game you will be hooked!!!!

  5.  good


    personally i find it a step up from fifa 10! i like the gameplay and like the way you can just pick up and play!
    the new be a pro goalkeeper is a great new twist! it can get a bit boring when your team is dominating as you just stand there watching the game from a long way away... but once the other team is attacking its good fun as you really have to check your positioning!

    as for online... well i havent had any problems of any kind with it. i dont know if thats just me and im lucky.. but so far its been good to me.

    i'd advise buying this game for the price its advertised for on here! not the biggest of step ups from last season but for the strong fifa fan a must buy

  6.  hasnt let the sims down!


    lets ace it. there are some expansion pakcs released by EA that are just... awful! a complete rip off!

    but this! this is nowhere near like that! for a start you get a new town to play in! its interesting to explore as there are a lot of bars and clubs.
    theyve also introduced the celebrity levels! this is an amusing little twist as you become more famous (you do that by doing stuff around town or excelling in your job). you get sent free items from companys, you can get into places for free, things can be cheaper and you can do pretty much anything you want!

    another nice little inclusion is the skyscrapers! what a great place to have your first place! you can then save your money and buy a bigger place or stay there and enjoy the cramped space!

    the new vampires addition is another little bit of fun. i was a tad let down by just how easy it was to find a vampire! the game said it'd be quite difficult but i found one within 30 seconds! once a vampire you get to do a few new interesting interations with other sims and at night you can run super fast and have infra-red vision to find the best person to suck the blood from!

    overall its a fun expansion.. a fair bit of furniture is included which is always nice! (finnaly!!!! the return of hot tubs)

  7.  enjoyable


    i really enjoyed the first 3! loved them! not the greatest storeyline ever but hey! zombies... guns.... more zombies... what more could you ask for from a film about zombies!

    but the 4th film happened... what the heck happened? i just.... couldnt get into it! i mean... there was the usual supply of zombies and blood and guns... but... just... couldnt get into it! the story line was pretty poor... and... it just lost all sense of anything!!

    theyre all still a good watch... just.. you might feel a bit let down by the 4th film... just wasnt at the standard i expected after the other 3

  8.  Not too shabby


    yeah.... its ok! pretty good even! but... i feel there is just something missing! the first modern warfare i feel is the best to date! ive wasted so much time online there! it just kept pulling me back in and i couldnt stop!

    but.. this game just feels like theres something missing from the online gameplay! there are plenty of guns to choose from! (although you will end up using either ak, the famas, and... well thats about it) the killstreaks are quite good! my advice is to avoid anything that can be shot down as it will happen more often than not! the hind is a nice inclusion as you can control the helicopter but be prepared for everyone on the other team to leave as soon as you get it!

    the online maps.... well.... theyre.... meh! some are fun! like firing range and summit (in my opinion) but there really are some awful maps!! i havent found a map so far thats good for sniping so theres not much point in snipers being in the game! which is a shame because now and again i did enjoy sniping!

    but for me... the campaign was AMAZING! at first you will be confused with the story line but as you play through it, it will start to slowly make sense so keep paying attention to the weird cut scenes because they are fun to watch!

    the zombies are as good as ever! nice little additions to a classic bit of fun!

    thanks for reading and hoped this help you. (the price is very reasonable on here)

  9.  so far so good


    i am enjoying the gameplay! but it has taken me some time getting used to! the graphics are stunning! the golfers look good, the courses look beautiful as does the scenery surrounding it.

    the putting might annoy you a bit! im struggling with it as the ball doesnt seem to go quite where its meant to!

    the weather is a very good aspect to the game! you really have to think about it before playing your shot! the rain can really slow down the green and affect your putting!

    if your a golf fan and enjoyed the other tiger woods games then i would recomend this! will keep you having fun for many hours

  10.  good!


    i think there have been a lot of great additions to this game since the sims 2! and im sure it will keep getting better as more expansions are realeased!

    the way you can travel to a location without all the boring loading screens is a great thing! makes the gameplay smooth and more enjoyable!

    the creation tool is superb! you can add any colour to anything! so you can create a green toilet if wanted! you can also put things diaggonaly now which is great!

    overall i really do like this game although it would of been nice to have a little bit more included without the expansions! but still very good without