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  1.  Flawless


    This is MK at its best, its what all of us MK fans, and beat em'up fans have been waiting for.

    They have gone back to the games roots, a 2d fgihting plain making every move effective, unlike previous titles.

    There are 3 areas to look at

    1) Arcade Ladder- This is the basic arcade mode, defeat 10 opponents and you win the tournament and get a video. This mode is the same as it has always been. There is one bonus which MK fans will love, and that is the difficulty settings actually vary hugely. On begginer, Shao Kahn is as harmless as a puppy, on hard... Forget about it.

    2) Story mode- This is awesome, the most in depth story ever in a fighting game. The best bit? You only do proper fights, none of this run around with 2 punches and kicks rubbish. It pretty much re-tells the story from MK1-MK3 with very minor changes. It poses some hard tasks such as taking on two boss characters by your self, up to defeating Shao Kahn himself, all of which are amazing.

    3) The challenge tower- this is fairly easy up to the 200th challenge mark, where it becomes insane. There are old challenges like test your might/sight aswell as strike and luck. Test your luck is a randomly generated game from a slot machine. For example, it chooses first your opponent, then up to four random abilities, such as armless, headless, dark, rainbow, vampire, boosted strength/ health and many others, sometimes it will benefit you, sometimes it will make it imposible. Not having arms or your head can make it very difficult when you only have kick moves. This will take you roughly 10 hours alone, depending on your skill.

    There is only one criticism I have of this game, and that is that some fighters are not very well balanced.
    For example, Lui Kang has two easy combos, XXX and AAB, the trouble is, he has an attack for foward X and forward A which means you can't be moving forwards to do them, which can mean your opponent can open up some distance and you will miss, leaving you open. And Johnny Cage's X-Ray move is a Parry, and they have to hit you or it won't work. And some characters X-Rays have to be activated right on your opponent and others go the whole length of the screen. This sucks, but you get used to it.

    All in all a very solid game, not just one of the best fighting games this year, but a definite contender for best game of 2011

    P.S. from the ending its very clear that there is going to be a follow up.

  2.  Genius


    Firstly, I must warn the people that will not like this game, because there will be many of you.
    1. Fanboys - no, this is nothing like the original, except the fact that the vehicles replace banjo and kazooie's attacks, so really it is the same but you will ignore that fact
    2. People without imagination, you will blitz this game very quickly to completion, but if don't have imagination, all you will get is acheivements and no fun.


    WOW! I am a hardcore CoD fan. When not playing CoD I pretty much only play SvR or Oblivion. But this game has worked its way into the fun. Why? It is just so much fun, you can create anything you want, and thats what is so fun about it.
    You can easily create a vehicle for all land, sea and air missions, but its far more fun creating somethine wacky that will do it in style, but more so do it in a crazy way.
    Some people say that this game could have been made for any chataters, true, but the world of Banjo Kazooie is what gives this game its charm, imagine sonic building a sea-plane-car that fires... Rings? No, Banjo and his many fan favourite baddies are what make this game so fun, and give it long term playability.
    Want some ideas? You can build most vehicles from halo, the deathstar, a tie fighter or x-wing, the massive at-at, you can even build the normandy from Mass Effect.

    You can spend hours just building silly things and messing around in the test track, before bulidning that drag-sledge, or drag bike, or submarine to take into the beautifully designed worlds and complete the missions.

    Thats not even to mention how much fun you will have doing the missions. The first world will have you race through checkpoints, play football and even be a bouncer for Clanker. So many different types of missions requireing so many different vehicles- the possibilities are endless.

    All in all, buy this game, and let your creative juices flow.

  3.  Fun drainer


    Like Ignota says, this game isn't much fun, however this is only true for online play.

    Offline- Amazing, you can do all the crazy combos that capcom has always offered, but you can be happy knowing that you don't have to in order to win, what more can I say?

    Online- Well I can say that this is the very reason why the Streetfighter and other capcom fighters are so boring. The fact that you can perform such incredibly long and stupid combos means that the first person to attack wins, every time, without fail. And that is boring, you might as well go make a cup of tea, wait for it to cool and drink it if you miss the first hit.
    This isn't fun, and what makes it worse is that even if your opponent knows that they can easily defeat you with 1% health left, they will still choose to perform these combos at the start of the round every time.

    To be honest, this game is for people that love the satisfaction of winning over and over with no variation of gameplay, as opposed to brawling it out and creating a spectacular fight.

    Like i said, like all capcom fighters its great fun offline, but a real bore online. I would suggest waiting for MK in April as this has the breaker system to prevent this and much cooler fighters (in my opinon, and although people will try to get the one combo ko still)

  4.  Stunning RPG


    The demo of this game is spectacular, it shows you both what its like to have a near fully levelled character and the very first stage of your rise.
    Dragon age is a breath of fresh air for RPG fans, with so many trying to stray from the brilliance of the elder scrolls series, this one has managed to be completely different yet just as stunning. (divinity, two worlds, DM:MME- all recent RPGs that have failed to compare)

    There are three classes, all have their own benefits.

    The warrior class is simply about rushing opponents and ripping them to pieces with minimal ease. There are plenty of abilities to make this class more fun and indestructible

    The Mage is very fun, and uses the staff to its full extent unlike so many other games. You attack with a basic spell depending on your staff, and master the elements of fire and ice to attack with, such spells as rain fire or to freeze enemies.
    You also master other areas like healing, mind powers and attribute booster for teamates giving them more defence or giving their weapons elemental damage.

    And the Rogue. Master of dual wielding and bows/crossbows. The bows are fun, but a bit slow (which is realistic) however they have some amazing powers such as explosive tips and rain of arrows.
    The fighting abilities are what make this class so fun, and lethal.
    Most of the rogues attack abilities have a 100% critical hit ratio, and with combos such as rolling strikes and using smoke clouds to fool enemies, this is possibly the most entertaing yet deadly class.

    All in all, one of the best RPGs to date, and one of the best games this year.

  5.  Buy it now... You need this


    I received this at work this morning, put onto charge straight away and started flying as soon as it was charged. What else can I say? Its so easy to control, I felt like the Stig of RC Helicopters. Its has so much power, it goes in exactly the direction you tell it and it has a Trim that actually works.

    Everything you would want in a toy is right here, if you already have an RC Helicopter, scrap it and buy this, if you haven't got one, buy this one now.

  6.  If its not broken...


    Fight night 1 was great, 2 took it to the next level, 3 improved the already amazing graphics and physics, 4 ruined the controls but was still the best one yet, this one? No. Why? Well something i am going to call snake arms. Beggining of the round, walk straight at your opponent and throw a strong hook, they don't block so its a direct hit- on any other fight night you would know you just landed a very good hit, but not any more. Instead, your hand pretty much rolls off of their face like they are all vaselined up and they don't even flinch a little but, not even 3 rounds in from an uppercut when they are rocked. And rocked is another issue, now when you rock them a little health bar appears, which you have to deplete to knock them down- 5 strong hooks in a row later, and they are still standing. Great. This game was one of the best out there and EA has tried to improve perfection, they failed- all they needed to do was give us FN4 and update the roster and we would have been happy.
    Good points. Graphics are now, somehow, even more spectacular.
    And maybe i am being a bit harsh, you can knock them over and occasionally they might flinch, but nopt a times that make sense really- hopefully this demo is a poor show of unfinished business?
    I should say that it is still a lot of fun, but compared to the previous titles, it isn't what we have been waiting for.

  7.  PC gamers beware


    Firstly, if you have the sims 3 on pc do not buy it on console, it sucks in comparison.
    The main thing that annoys me with this game is that you can't free roam as easily, instead transfering from section to section. This may seem a trivial complaint, however heres the reason why it makes a huge difference. If you have more than one sim, and you take one of them away to another section, the ones in the house taake matters into their own hands. For example i cam back to find that my sim had ordered 3 pizzas... even though her to do list was packed with long tasks and i was gone for about 10 seconds, so how they arrived before i went back i don't know. to solve this i put the sims will at minimum so they don't do anything on their own. This still doesn't work as they just stop doing anything when you leave, except for get out of bed if they were sleeping... which doesn't help because they'll be in a bad mood when you go back.
    The only other problem is targeting, its very hard to do anything quickly as you have to choose from 5 objects every time you click on the fridge. don't want the blender, no i don't want the microwave, or the dishwasher, hence why the target was directly over the fridge. This makes no odds to the game. This also makes putting stairs in unusually difficult, adding extension to your house and roofing is virtually out of the question if you want to build your own.
    Other than this the game is excactly the same as the PC version.
    The loading times are good, the graphics are good and you can still doing all of the fun stuff from the PC version, although it can be frustating doing most of it due to the above problems.

    In conclusion, a reasonable port of the Sims, but would only suggest it for real sims fans, nobody else would be able to put up with the poor mechanics.

  8.  What it says on the tin


    This book is amazing, and gives an incite into the world of Halo, what if everything is and why everything happens.
    If like me you have only played Halo 3 and on there is a vast amount of info you will never have known about which is quite exciting. If you have played all of the games you will probably know about most of what this book has to offer but this really gives the full details.
    A must for any Halo Fan