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    This game is awesome. Better fight scenes, better graphics, much more to do. I think the story is also better. BUY IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

  2.  Great movie


    What a great movie, very refreshing to see the other side of things. Don Cheadle is superb in the movie, makes me want to become a muslim.



    Arrived on wednesday, what a great player. Hooked it up to 50" Panasonic, wathced Harry Potter and Order of the pheonix, Transformers, the best pic quality i have seen.

    This is a must have for anyone with a hd TV.

  4.  Great movie, great format


    Dont listen to this fud below. Universal and Paramount have over 10,000 titles between. These include Indiana Jones, Godfather trilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, Jurassic Park, Scarface, Shrek 1 & 2 all other dreamworks movies.

    I have a hd dvd and ps3 and i do not see the difference between the two formats. I have to say hd dvd is more user friendly and is a complete format. I dont want to do any format bashing like this other guy below but blu ray is not yet a complete format, no hdi features yet.

    Profle problems, 1.0, will be obsolete, then 1.1, so the older players will not work for the new picture in picture.

  5.  Knocked out bored


    What a boring movie, didn't find one part of the movie funny. Even the movies jewish writers could be seen making remarks against christian and muslim faiths. What a load of toilet.

  6.  Great movie


    The reviewer below needs to stop lying. This will look great on HD DVD in full 1080p. It is on one disc not on two, why are you lying and trying to confuse other buyers. Look at how great harry potter and the goblet of fire was on hd dvd. This along with the rest is a must buy on the original high def forma..HD DVD.

  7.  Excellent


    Excellent movie, historically correct. Shows what a great leader Malcom x was, a great thinker, who was taken away before his time. This is a must buy for any Denzel fan. Also spike lee directs this masterpiece.

  8.  Great!


    Did not expect this to be a great game. Wow i was suprised. I normally just purchase the pro evo when it comes out but this time i went for fifa 08 and i am not dissappointed. I have been playing it for a few hours and let me tell you the gameplay is great.

  9.  also ok


    It was meant to sound good on paper but they never really pulled it off. There is no story to the characters. Just straight bang, bang shoot'em'up.

    Visually the movie looks fantastic on hd dvd, shame about the story. You can get the combo version cheaper on playusa or other sites.

  10.  Great


    This and casino are must haves on hd dvd. The picture quality is great. Transfer came of well on to hd dvd. Remember this movie was released in 1990. The picture does hold up well.

    As far as the movie is concerned this is one of the best gangster movies of all time.