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  1.  Not a bad movie


    Ok, so this movie isn't exactly the normal sort of thing I would watch. But sitting there on my mates' settee on a Sunday morning, I popped this disc in the player and totally absorbed everything it had to offer.

    Yes, I agree with the other reviewers, there is certainly a 150% focus on Johnny Depp, I mean, he addorns the cover! But this is so much more than that! I loved the weird and wonderful world that was depicted in this movie. i actually think that CGI was its saving grace because physical set design would have run into the millions!

    The cast is supprisingly strong and the queen is particularly comical despite her lack of actual physical presence during filming. Depp is his usual fantastic self! I'm not looking for anything new from Depp, I'm looking for the usual quirkiness that I'm come to love since childhood.

    Well, despite the praise, the has to be something I look at negatively. Well it's "Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee". Yes, as much and Matt Lucas is an absolute comic genius, somehow he's just not right for this movie. It feels forced, even though he acts it pretty well, but it ultimately feels like a money-making exercise. Perhaps, I'm just wanting some bitty, or Emily, or Daffyd???

  2.  What the other guy said!


    I bought this Blu-Ray on the strength of the reviews and the fact that I loved the original. Well, I have to say, they're absolutely spot on. How on earth can a movie shot in Panavision 70 come out so brilliantly and convert so well to our beloved medium?

    Right from the word "go" you are blessed with a tribal gathering/dance and you could almost reckon that it was shot just 10 years ago? Yes, I'm just bleating the same thing as everyone else but it really is true!

    If you want to impress your mates with your 720p/1080p panel (preferably plasma) then this is the disc that will do it. You get all manners of demo discs, but this is the one that should be on every cover and in every store.