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  1.  Fun and enjoyable for kids and adults alike


    This game is so cheesy but it just works! The gimmick is fantastic and the peripheral is really well made best I've seen from Activision in a long time if you have kids or even if your a kid at heart you should get a kick from this game also the collectible figures are really nice and very well made, and are all really cool looking and made out of good quality plastics.

  2.  Incredible!


    This movie was fantastic! being a fan of the previous i went in expecting to have good time but i was absolutely blown away! This movie is the reason i bought my 3D TV! literally cannot wait to get my hands on this bad boy and watch it over and over again in the best 3D ever produced i talking way better than Avatar, if you own a 3D TV you owe it to yourself to own this on 3D blu ray this will be the 3D movie by which all others are judged on you need this too show off you set up!

  3.  Excellent Series for skins with a brand new cast.


    much like the second generation before them Skins 5 reinvents the series every character is well written like every series of skins and this season main character Frankie is really interesting and i'm still trying to work her out 7 episodes in... overall i love this series and can't wait to own it!

  4.  Very funny


    David and Matt can't do any wrong for me, i love every comedy series they've made and this is no different it's brilliant well written has amazing cameo's and is just really great. I'd recommend this to anyone.

  5.  Excellent and very funny


    This film is hilarious but i think it's humour aims at only one type audience which is the hardcore gamers the ones who have been playing since they where five and remember the first time they played a SNES those are type of people who will find this film funny and love every moment of it! I did!

  6.  Complete seasons? at last?


    When i saw this come up on my search i thought it was some sick joke... but no, one of Disney's finest efforts for the Power Rangers Saga is finally here to own on DVD, any fan of Power Rangers should consider buying this as it brings back fan favourite Tommy (Jason David Frank), at this price it's a steal! What are you waiting for? thanks play!