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  1.  No problems at all!


    I was a bit worried about getting one of these because I had seen so many dodgey reviews of them. However I am happy to report that mine has been perfect! everyone can hear me crystal clear and I can hear everyone fine, the controls are nice and simple to use while gaming and the battery is pretty good lasts me a good 3-4 sessions on COD : MW2 (which are all over an hour long) very comfortable to, highly recommended.

  2.  Goos old fashioned fun!


    This has to be one of the most entertaining games i have played in a good while! I disagree with a lot of the others writting reviews on here whinging that it should have stayed 1st person, look i loved the original on ps2 as well but times have moved on alot and the best way to show off the fantastic new geo mod2 system is in 3rd person so you can watch the buildings crumble as you lay waste to the edf. It is a great game because the missions are deiverse and very enjoyable and the story line is very good but also if your not in the mood for some serious gaming you can just muck around and cause some havok much like the huge gta series. So for me it is a winner on all levels, good graphics, great weapons, good upgrades system, amazing destruction and great fun! After all isn't that what games are all about??

  3.  Bino52 - full surround sound


    Much much easier way of sorting that out for all you need is an optical cable to go from the TV to the DVD player. This will transmit any sound that would normally only come through the TV, I.E. your xbox or anything on the TV will be in surround sound (if the source is compatable)hope this helps.