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  1.  Outstanding


    Short review for it has all been said. I am die hard RPGs. Bethesda style open world free roam or nothing. That is to say nothing except this exceptional title. It has it all, quirky, action, story, puzzles. Jesus! I am doing nothing til I finish this baby and then I will lament the fact that it is done. Bravo Alice.

  2.  rpg fan? must have!


    You look at the PS3 and think, why are there not more excellent RPGs? Well now there is one more; DD, and it's very good. It is at times reminisent of skyrim, demon souls and fable.
    It is difficult each victory is earned.
    The action resides in a beautifully rendered world where an innocent looking path leads you to new quests and adventures. The combat is not as up close and personal as Demon souls but you do have choices and tactics have to be worked on to score a victory. The game allows you to build a team of four which adds depth and strategy to the game with an online feature that is at least amusing.
    Minuses? The dialogue can be irritating and sometimes the camera work is poor as the action can be obscured in battle. But with a range of enhancable charcaterisics from skills to weapons, herbs, stores, magic and pawns, this is a must have for anyone who's ever loved taking that path in the forest with only a magic staff, robes and a couple of companions.

  3.  worth the cash!


    This is not the best RPG game. Very reminisant of Sacred 2, but much better. You are sometimes left feeling as if you are bashing buttons and the difficulty level is not challenging enough.
    But the story is okay, there are loads of quests which just draw you in enough to keep you playing. In fact some of the story lines are quite amusing. I guess it's the combat that lets the game down and a lack of variety.
    Morrowind it aint and fable it aint, but for the PS3 except for skyrim it is the best RGP I've played. Taking my time to look at the sights it look 45 hours to finish the game. Gotta be worth 20 pound.