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  1.  Form over function.


    If you want to pay over the odds for a pair of headphones and you insist on looking like a tit, then these headphones are for you.
    They really are a case of style over substance. OK, the bass is meaty enough, you would expect that from a pair of headphones sanctioned by Dre, but the rest is not worth talking about. Save your money, and buy a set of senhiessers.

  2.  Perfect. Just perfect.


    This diary has rocked my world. No longer do I have to pop open my phone to check if I have things to do -this diary is all I need. I have been using it for the last month and so far the year is going well. The sheer quality of the diary shines through and often sparks conversations with strangers when I bust out Cliff. The print quality is excellent the thick cover ensures that the pages are as wrinkle free as Cliffs actual face.

  3.  Brilliant.


    I love my kobo.
    I recieved this for christmas from my girlfriend and its one of the best things that I have had in the last year. I bought a few books from the store- which was really easy to use thanks to the touch screen and I cant put it down now. Its small enough to fit in my coat pocket so I can take it anywhere and its a really good looking device.
    I actually seem to get lost in this more than I do with an actual book because you dont have to actually turn the page and can hold it in one hand.
    I'm pleased that I have the touch screen version becasue not only is it a little smaller it makes the UI easier to navigate around. You can easily increase the font size just by dragging the slider up.
    It also has the neat feature of syncing my bookmarks so if I dont have the kobo on me I can read where I left of on my iPhone app.
    A great buy.

  4.  Dur Duh....


    This is such good fun! Getting the thing inflated was a mild annoyance- but once that was done it is fantastic! The shark moves in such a lifelike manner that it's really quite amazing -it's really lifelike! It took me about 15 minutes to put it together - make sure that you put both the sticky pads and the transparent stickers around the plastic parts you have to stick to the balloon. The first time I stuck them on I forgot -it needs the other pads to keep it all together.
    Overall i'm really pleased with the purchase. It's really easy to control and is surprisingly manoeuvrable -and the look on people's faces when they see it is priceless!
    Just try and stop yourself singing "Dur duh -Dur duh" when using it!

  5.  Mmm, Toasty.


    It's that time of year when the chill starts to take and a normal pair of headphones just don't keep your ears warm enough. I bought these last week when I managed to break my normal headphones and fancied a change as the winter approaches. I have to say they are fantastic they are really warm and so comfortable. I have used them when walking and also when on my bike. I went for the knitted option because I thought they were a little more quirky than the quilted option. The wool seems to do really well with the wind and you can hear the music well when moving.
    The sound is great which was a concern because I worried because of the material and the soft interior but it is really good sound. The volume control too is a handy feature the best thing is the look and the warmth though! Highly recommended.

  6.  Amazing fun!


    I was innitally quite suspicious about how well this would work, but it is fantastic! You feel relly immersed in the game, and the bugs that you have to shoot are really detailed and feel really real. as you move the gun around the aliens stay in the same place around you.
    you have two weapons to use, which varies the gameplay.
    The gun feels pretty solid, and the clip mechanism feels safe, which is a good thing considering the wild swinging I was doing when the action heats up.
    The gun adds a fantastic new dimension to iPhone gameplay and really draws you in.
    I cant help picking it up for a quick blast!!

  7.  Great Product


    This is such a fantastic idea, that I cant fault it. My son loves his new backpack, and so do I.
    It saves any worry with the school run because often my next door neighbour takes her and my child to school, with the boostapack I don't have to buy several booster seats.
    We are flying to France in the summer holidays, and I love the fact that we can pop this in hand luggage and have no worries about having a seat in the rental car - all we have to worry about now is the mental French drivers!
    The best thing is that because the bag has a hard shell there is no more crush sandwiches in the bag!!
    I cant recommend this enough.