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  1.  Fantastic true story


    Great watch,brilliant acting,fantastic story based on fact,highly reccomend you watch this its brilliant.

  2.  Tense thriller


    This is an excellent thriller and keeps you guessing right to the end,acting is very good from all involved,i would reccomend this to everyone,brilliant.

  3.  wonderfully shot


    Also came across this film which only had a 1 star rating at the time,but i have got to say this is a fantastic film it has everything from action,bloody,love,you name it and this film has it.Also the acting is great from all involved.Highlt recommended.....

  4.  Gripping slow burner


    Set entirely on location,this is a film in Russian with English subtitles,the acting in this gripping Character study is great.The remoteness and tension shows through right till the end,it might not be everyones cup of tea,but i for one enjoyed every minute,highly recommend.....

  5.  Jumpy


    Have watched loads of horror films,but this one took me by surprise,i jumped out of my skin a few times and it is relentless,the acting is very good too which added to the tension,highly recommend this.....

  6.  Gripping


    Really impressed by this film,i have a feeling this film will be passed over and missed by people,which would be a shame.The acting is great and the storyline is interesting and gripping.So if you get chance take a look,highly recommended.....

  7.  Elite


    Fantastic war story set in 1942,about the recruitment of young men into an elite unit,where its main aim is to teach them to take over leadership in the event of Hitler winning the war and overunning Europe and America.German language with english subtitles.Recommended.

  8.  Gripping !!


    An interesting little film this,with some beautiful shots of Tasmania,also some very good acting and tense throughout,well worth a watch,recommended....

  9.  Edge of you seat Stuff


    Brilliant WW1 tale,inspired by a true story,fantastic arial dogfights,fantastic and interesting storyline,what more could you want from a war film,great acting from the cast,highly recommended....

  10. Gone



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     Gone but not forgotten !!


    Thought this was a cracking thriller,Amanda Seyfried does a good job here,keeps you on the edge of your seat right until the end,highly recommend.....