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  1.  Wow


    I bought this on a whim, mainly due to the fact that a few of my friends had this game and i wanted to see why they enjoyed it so much.

    Im glad I bought this game now due to the fact that its story is so gripping! The story keeps you hooked in all the way to the end!

    The online mode is also amazing with or without friends to play with, although with a free DLC available for Co-op missions its recommended you have friends to play with but not a necessity!

    Graphically this game is amazing and the fact that the citizens look so life like it really does feel like you're interrupting their lives when you robs them.

    Buy this game and enjoy!

  2.  Pretty Good For The Price


    I bought this game due to how much i enjoyed the first game, and everything i loved from the first game has been reintroduced and improved.

    The map is huge and full of stuff to find, to the point where after completing the story and having spent a lot of time exploring the many settlements, military bases, airports and many other locations i was only a measly 30% of the way through!

    The voice acting in this game is a little annoying, with American characters having extremely heavy American accents, and the Asian characters having heavy accents as well.

    The story although it will keep you interested in exploring and destroying government property will leave you feeling a bit empty when you eventually finish it, don't get me wrong there were times when i would stack chaos just so i could play a few agency missions back to back.

    The working for factions is back from the first game and is a handy way to unlock upgrades for your vehicles and weapons. The only downside is that considering the vastness of the map you'd think they would have varied the missions up a bit rather than, ' Get to point A, Grab B and take B to Point C' which nearly all missions consist of.

    Overall I'm glad i waited for the price to drop rather than paying the full 40 pound for it, for 15 pound though I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a decent sandbox game.

  3.  Dead Rising At Its Best


    The recent purchase of this game came with no let downs, the amount of zombies you have on the screen at anyone time is amazing! And the amount of possible combinations of items found throughout the game is astonishing.

    Many criticize this game due to the fact that you're given a 'Strict' story timeline to follow, complaining that you're over pressured into finishing the story to enjoy what Dead Rising is about. This worried me prior to buying this game, but having actually gotten stuck into the game it's easy to see why the story's timeline is as it is. It encourages you to have some sort of plan as to how you want to handle the many side missions you're given alongside the main story.

    The psychopaths being the main attraction of this and its predecessor, are not easy and really encourage to think about what you'll need while facing them which led to some very close calls due to poor judgement on my half.

    Graphically this game is really good when you consider the amount of zombies on the screen and the detail put into the environment of Fortune City.

    The online mode is an interesting and fun addition to the series, it's basically a game show where you compete with three other people in a competition to win in game cash, which is always useful. Also the introduction of Online Co-Op is great as well, a friend can simply join you and help you out, whether you're stuck on a particular Psycho or are just looking to have a laugh with a friend.

    I think the only thing that prevents me from giving this game 5 stars is the fact that you really should save this game to your hard drive if you don't want to have to sit through 20-30 second loading screens, and trust me. They're a lot of loading screens. Having saved my game to my console these loading screens are nothing more than 3-5 seconds long, which is a major improvement over the 20 second ones.

    In my opinion you really should just buy this game instead of picking at it, it's a great experience and the story line will keep you engrossed in the game.