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  1. SAW



    7 New from  £25.50  Free delivery

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     Addictive and fun


    This game is a welcomed addition to the already great saw franchise.

    The graphics may not be in the same league as the likes of Resident Evil 5 or the Uncharted series, but if boosts quality in other areas. For example, the puzzles are very well thought out and the storyline is very clever, keeping in tone with the films.

    Although the aim of the game is to save certain individuals from Jigsaws traps, you can't help but let them die just once to appreciate the gore factor within the game.

    The controls are a little clumber some but it is easy enough to navigate through the levels. Speaking of which, the level design captures the dark and dingy feel from the films.

    Overall, this is a great game which is fun and very additive. You will want to complete this game once you have started!!

  2.  A great game


    If you were to rate GT5 most gamers would give it 9/9.5 and Shift is not far behind.

    In my opinion, this game has something that is lacking in other racing sims like GT5 and that is visual damage. While you can not compare this game too much to GT5, the damage aspect of Shift is superb.

    If you are like me and have played GT5 to death (I have done everything apart from the extreme races) then Shift is a great time filler. It has a lot of races to compete in and a resonable selection of cars which can be modified and tuned to suit your racing needs. The customisation options are vast and you can spend a lot of time personalising your motor.

    Graphically, this game is very good and there are some nice touches such as a 'blur' effect when you crash.

    If you are looking for a cheap but great racing game then this is one for you.

  3.  Quality


    I decided to purchase this game after reading a number of reviews and watching clips posted on the internet. I was not sure about this game at first as I did download the demo and I could not get on with it. I waited a while until I had some spare cash to buy this game as it was not on the top of my wish list - this was a massive error on my part.

    This game is brilliant and I love everything about it. I have only played for an hour or so at the moment and if I didn't have work the next day I probably would have completed this in one sitting throughout the night. The storyline is very captivating and makes you want to play. The dialogue is cool and even made me laugh. The gameplay, sound and graphics are quality and I really cannot wait to complete this game and move onto the second.

    As everyone has already said, if you love Tombraider or Assassins Creed you will love this even more. A top, top game.

  4.  A quick pick up and play


    When I was younger I loved to play this game on the Saturn so I couldn't wait to play this. It was one of those games that I have been meaning to get since the day of release but never got around to it. Finally, I have managed to grab a copy for next to nothing and I must say that I am gutted I didn't get this earlier.

    Considering this game is now over 3 years old, the graphics still hold their own against any other recent racer. The track deformation physics are superb so no lap is the same. The car modelling is spot on and the sound quality is very good. Where this game excels though is in its simplicity. The menus are stright forward and you can quite simply pick this game up, load it and play within 3 minutes. You can jump stright into a championship, building up points to unlock more cars, livery and tracks. There is also time trial, quick race and online play modes. I have not played online yet so I am not sure if people will still be playing this mode due to the gae of the game.

    I will admit that this is not a game you will be playing for hours at a time but if you only have a short while to spare this is the perfect filler!

    I really enjoy this game and if you want a change from the simulation type reacers, then this is the game for you.

  5.  Pure brilliance


    Never before have I waited so long in anticipation for a game to be released than GT5. Believe me when I say that this game was worth waiting every second for. The one critisism I have with this game is that it does take a while to install and update but once you get passed this you will not play another game for months on end. Everything about this game is superb and the car modelling is spot on. There is plenty to get you entertained and there are constant updates to keep the game fresh.
    There is a vast amount of racing types, rally, formula 1, time trials to name a few and a lot of cars to purchase and customise. Not all cars can be upgraded but you can fine turn the spec to inhance speed, handling and so on.
    I have played through all of the A-spec races and as you will love this game, you will want to complete the endurance races too.
    As already mentioned, there are constant updates to this game and there are rumours that 24 new tracks are coming its way. I think Polyphonic Dig realise that waiting for a new game to be released can take an age and the updates will keep this game going for a long time to come.
    Furthermore, throw in a 3D TV and this is one of the best games you will experiance to date in this view. A must buy even if it is just to race around the top gear track to beat Stigs times in a F40.

  6.  A great shooter


    This is one of the best games out for the Playstation Move. I wanted the Move specifically for shooting games and even though I have a Wii I couldn't wait to see the power of the move. This game fully met my expectations and if you love playing shooters in the arcade you will love this.

    Furthermore, you get three shooting games for the price of one which is excellent value for money. This game will soon have you taking cover behind the sofa and popping up at the right time to take a head shot. Very entertaining.

  7.  Slightly disappointing


    I brought this game as I am an older gamer and wanted to relive some of my childhood memories. Although I would admit there are a few great games on the disc, some of the more popular titles have been missed off, suchlike Afterburner, Castle of Illusion, World Cup 90, Cannon Fodder and Senisible Soccer. This will certainly pass the time for a few days but after completing Streets and Rage and Sonic the novalty factor wears off and you could find yourself losing interest quicker than anticipated. A real shame as in my opinion this is not a Mega Drive ultimate collection.

  8.  In a word.....Brilliant


    There is not a lot to say about this game as it excels in every department. Graphics, gameplay, controls, storyline, sound, replayability, all of which are quite simply put, brilliant. If you love God of War and/or Dantes Inferno, you will love this.

  9.  Movie Vs Game


    Although the vast majority of games adapted from movies are average, Aliens Vs Predator is an exception. It ties in really well with the francise and the gameplay is quite brilliant. You have a choice of three campaigns in which you play as either the Predator, the Alien or the Marine. All three are easy to control and although the Marine campaigns are your typical FPS, the Alien and Predator campaigns are very different. There are some unique finishing moves for the latter two and even though the storyline is basic and short, you do want to keep playing until the end.

    I am not able to comment on the online feature of this game but the single player mode will certainly entertain you for a good few weeks. At this price, the game is steal.

  10.  A great game for the real snooker fan


    I wanted to buy this game on the release date but was unsure of what to expect. I read a number of reviews from other websites and wanted to be certain that this was the game for me. I love snooker and I have only played versions on the old PS1. While reading the reviews, a large number of people compared this version of WCS 2011 to WCS 2009. I decided to rent both before making my mind up and although I have to agree that there are similarities in both games, such as the same commentary and annoying spectators, the comparable difference was in the graphics. 2011 had much shaper tones and vivid colours which really stand out in true HD. I will admit that off the table the graphics are basic, however this is a snooker game and you are not playing this to look at the spectators or your opposition player sat in his seat.
    One slight dig at the game is that it does state real in the title which would imply the basis of the game to have a visible referee. This sadly is not the case and after potting a coloured ball it magically reappears on its spot. This did not bother me though and in truth sped the game up.
    This game does shine in the physics department though and the movement of the balls is superb. The further you progress through the season the more attributes you can acquire such as improved spin or potting long shots so there is no need to get frustrated during the early parts of the game whereby you are missing easy shots.
    If you love snooker and are not too worried about graphics off of the braise then this game is must have. I have compared prices and found that there is not much difference between this release and 2009 which shows that this product is holding its value. This can only be a compliment to the franchise and shows what a great game this is.