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  1.  They're back!


    After the awesome, complex The Heart Of Everything, Within Temptation have returned with a somewhat softer, more melodic approach. Sharon Den Adel's trademark vocals are still strong and evocative as always but the bite that the stronger songs from THOE seems be lacking a bit. On first listen it feels a little, dare I say, Euro Pop? But it's on the second run through that it starts to pull together and show its teeth. Stand out tracks are In The Middle Of The Night, Faster, The Edge and, most noticeably, Lost - where Sharon really grabs you by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let go. Overall, maybe not as instantly awesome as The Heart Of Everything but it's a grower and once it has hold, you don't want it to let go!

  2.  Does what it says on the tin


    I've been wanting to see this for some time - I'm a sucker for alien invasion movies. It didn't disappoint! Think District 9 crossed with Black Hawk Down and you've pretty much got it. It doesn't have the social commentary of D-9 or the visual style of Black Hawk Down but it's fast, entertaining and has one of the best action scenes in a long long time. So, okay, the characters are paper thin, there's no character development and the dialogue is, frankly, awful at times. But hey, why would you watch a movie called Battle: LA? For just solid, brain in neutral entertainment, you can't go very far wrong! And hey, it's 1000 times better than Skyline.