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  1.  wth?


    Bit rubbish lol. couldnt be botherd to listen to that guy he was alwas hypin

  2.  Brilliant


    Really thought it would be boring but was pleasantly suprised. Brilliant story and wicked ending. If you like clever fast paced movies this is the one to watch :). enjoy!



    I know my laptops and computers, please trust me when I say you should buy this. Looks beeter than the picture and I love the way the easy keyboard feels. The mouse is extremely easy to use and the rich clear screen is amazing. All in all, top of the range, simple and cear 10/10.

  4.  UM...OK WOW


    Lets just say, i was playing these in a shopping center when it was crazy busy and the security guard told me to turn it down :) It's smaller than i thought it would be and also impossibly loud. When you hold it it in your hand, the bass booms and for me it's all about the bass (which i give 10/10 for the size), the crystal clear rich volume is just a bonus. I think Play.com meant 139.99 :) ha ha siik :)

  5.  dont be fooled by the trailer


    It copies rise of the footsoldier alot, extremely borin but it's quite funny becuase the acting is so bad and the story is so rubbish

  6.  Soooooooooooo cool.


    Purely for music, purely for mobility and purely for style. Screen so clear it's not even funny. The battery life is like unlimmited. So thin and sexy. very well built aswell, i dropped it and not a scratch. you can even buy a wrist strap and turn it into a watch, it has a clock on it. So fiit! woow:)

  7.  Um..................ok wow!


    I know there's a limit to how good sound could get. I know the big names like Bose and Sony are top of the range but they are nothing compared to these. I'm actulay in the studio with my favourite artists. Buy them and hear for yourself. a trillion out of 10.

  8.  Sensational! wow!


    For trance lovers, rave lovers and just pure music lovers, this album will send goosebumps down your back. Everey track is completley different, the lyrics are sick, the flow is spot on and the beats are bopping. THIS IS A MUST BUY.
    Best tracks: 1. I need air.
    2. Crossover.
    3. Boiling water.
    I can't get these tunes out my head, they're too catchy. Of course you're going to buy ii, coz you'll be mad not to. :) Enjoy!