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  1.  best racer out ther


    Been a fan of Froza since the series started. Always enjoyed it both visually and gameplay.

    This version it's possible to get all the achievements which is a rare thing.

    Graphics are to die for.

    I have GT5 on PS3 and I play Forza 3.... Nuff said

  2.  Atmosphere personified


    I bought a set of head phones specifically for this game. I bet you can't play this game late at night, with the lights off and sound turned up high with out having hairs on your neck stand on end... With head phones it really does hit the spot.

    My wife came a touched my shoulder when I was playing with head phones on. Scared the living crap out of me.

    Graphically top notch. Characters looks superb.

    Story? Well it scifi horror so expect it to be pretty mad.

    Plays the same as the 1st, which isn't a problem. Has more suits to use with different abilities that help make the game a touch different.

    Cut scenes get repetative though, shame you can't turn them off second time around.

    Great game, a true classic.

  3.  superb, and no wires....


    Game sound effects directly into your ears is superb, you really can here things you can't through your TV sound system. Can't say how it performs agianst surrond sound systems. But in the COD series you here foot steps earlier, clearer and with left or right direction. This does help with multiplayer games.

    Dead Space or Allan Wake with the lights turned off and head ohones on with sound up high, I guarentee the hairs on your neck will stand up. Sound makes the difference to the atmosphere of the game.

    Voice control again is excellent. Talk to your mates, turn up thier volume independantly or better still turn off the idiots and concentrate on the game play.

    Can plug directly into you TV (slight hiss can be heard, think it's my TV) you can here your TV, video, cd, blueray etc that is plugged into the TV.

    The wireless is excellent, I sit between 6 and 10 feet away and move around and they work without and issue.

    I now have in my house 2 pairs, one for my son (x11's) and now I personally have x31's.

    Gamer? Buy a pair....

  4.  online is superb


    got to say I like this game and for the price it's a real bargain.

    Single player is average at best and I have got bored with it.

    But online is very very good. I play all CODS and currently I am playing Black Ops. I thought I would give this a go because it's cheap, really cheap.

    The game engine is the same as the Bad Company series, but to be honest it plays much better. Movement is fluid, maps are range from small to large. There are various game types all of which are fun.

    I live to snipe and lots of people do, in this game you can. But if you don't want to you can run around like in the CODs.

    Under rated, so cheap, so get yourself a bargain

  5.  unreliable


    As some mentioned earlier "at this price a no brainer", well thats what I thought until mine stopped working.

    Had mine 6 months, as a back up drive and not one of my 5 computers will recognise it when it's plugged in. So it looks like all my back up photos are gone.

    The seagate support site is average and I have to send mine back.

    If you get one then back up your data.

  6.  Saved the best for last


    The last Bungie effort in the Halo series. And their best effort yet.

    Graphically this game is better than the rest. Looks good, very good, but there are games that look better.

    But where this game shines is in game play. There is tons of it. Play the single player game, then play at a different level trying new things. But then play it in co-op mode, it oozes atmosphere. I want to replay Halo 3 now.

    Play online and you have months and I mean months of game play.

    Top game and a top series.

  7.  Exceptionally good printer, got an Iphone? Buy this.


    The 3250 (non wifi version) was shown on the Gadget Show and came out best in a test of some 25-30 printers. Best for quality of print and price. So I decided to buy the 3250. But then I spotted the 5250 wifi version.

    And wow what a fantastic printer.

    The quality of print is spot on. I am an amateur photographer that used online printers a lot. This printer saves money and time. My photo prints are superb. Haven't had a print that I am unhappy about yet in 3 weeks.

    The scanner works a dream.

    The software has basic image controls to enhance your images.

    It reads SDHC cards via the slot quick and simple and again because of the built in screen you can edit.

    I got mine working on wifi easy, just install the software and job done.

    I now use this printer on 3 wireless laptops and my 2 PC base units.

    But the real surprise was the the Iphone can directly print to it via wifi and a free kodak app. Download the app, select a photo and tell it to print via wifi and again job done.

    And to top it, Kodak produce what is probably the cheapest ink cart around.

    A fantastic buy, well done Kodak.

  8.  not bad, great price


    Got this for my D5000 and Toshiba NB300 netbook. Works well, as stated write times are slower than some but read times are faster than some.

    It works, works well and is cheap. Ideal back up storage.

  9.  See Baroni, I buy it


    Wow, what a price 6.99 !!!
    I paid 25 !

    Fan of DM? Remember the cartoon? Enjoy collecting memories? Buy this then.

    Stands about 6 inches high and about 4 inches round.

    Mine sits in my fire place next to DM's car also at a great price on play. The look fantastic and always spark a conversation and memories on those old enough to remember this superb series from the early 80's.

    I bought both of mine from the sculpter him self and forced him to sign them, how sad I am.

    Buy it

  10.  Dangermouse fans dream


    Dangermouse a true hero and his trusty side kick Penfold. Good grief, just imagine a world without them keeping us safe from the evil Baron Greenback.

    I paid 25 quid for mine and at this current price and great bargain for collectors.

    DM is driving as ever and Penfold is screaming as ever. The car is slightly tilted as if in a hard left turn to tackle some impending doom.

    Not a detailed model, but thats the point. It's a sculpture of the cartoon and as such it's perfect.

    Mine sits proudly on my mantle in my living room. And beside is it the Barons Frog Flyer.

    For those of you old enough to remember DM in the early 80's, bring back those wonderful memories with this great bargain.

    Buy it and buy it now.