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  1.  Buy a copy!


    As far as Debut albums go, this is certainly impressive. Produced by Flying Lotus, who you can definitely hear slight input from, but you can tell that Thundercat is the one in charge here. The Golden Age of Apocalypse is definitely genre defying, and we need more music like this. The musicianship throughout the album is so high but it never gets in the way, the songs all wonderfully lead into eachother. It's not really a lyrical album, though their are some, it's much more instrumental, BUT, it has everything: Electronic, Pop, Soul, and awesome instrumental Jazz breaks. For me all the songs were a genuine pleasure to listen to, but the only danger the album has is mainly being built around Bass and Jazz grooves, so for some people, it won't be their cup of tea. Regardless, there's a completely unique blend of textures and a desire for musical experimentation running through the album, and it'd be a real shame to see it overlooked. Thundercats album is one of the best albums released this year, not to mention one of the most impressive debuts from a new artist. Honestly, the vintage feel of this album will make for this album to be relevant years to come.

  2.  Pretty good


    Fun game, lots of side quests to do and stuff, and quite a large map with loads of locations. Graphically wise it hasn't really improved much from Oblivion (It's still on the Gamebyro engine, well...a slightly edited version which they call the Creation engine and claim to be brand new, but it's fairly obvious it's the same.) Animation is still abit dodgy, and at the moment there are a number of bugs (Worst of all is the lag bug on the PS3 version, once the game goes over 6MB, I think, the framerate goes terrible.)
    But regardless, it's still a fun game. Better than Oblivion by miles, but in my opinion it doesn't hold out against Daggerfall/Morrowind.

  3.  Modern Warfare 2. Again.


    If you've played MW2, you've played MW3. There's virtually no difference, it's basically a 40 quid map pack. Shortest singleplayer (Also with an incredibly predictable and bad story) and there's little change in multiplayer. The guns even sound the same, and it's on an outdated (6 years old infact) graphics engine. It's nothing but a cash in by Activision, much like black ops. It's just another yearly COD release that people will flock to the shops and buy, even though it's the same game as the previous one.

  4.  Buy it.


    Whilst looking similar to the last Fallout, New Vegas in my opinion is superior over Fallout 3 in every single way, the story has vastly improved, with plenty of new features such as Iron sights and hardcore mode, and enemies that are much more difficult than those in Fallout 3, it is no longer possible to just waltz through the wasteland, in New Vegas, it's much more of a challenge. There are more "roleplay" mechanics like companions, crafting, and the removal of level scaling, and it has refined old mechanics like S.P.E.C.I.A.L and tweaking the effects of various skills like big guns. Whilst glitchy in some places, I believe that Obsidian are planning on releasing some patches to fix those inconveniences. Whilst most people will write it off because of the lack of multiplayer, understand that the Fallout series has NEVER been a multiplayer, or co-op game, and it never will be. The graphics may look a little edgy, but blame Bethesda who used the Gamebyro engine, which looks years old (same engine used in Oblivion + Fallout 3) and Obsidian did the best with it that they could, remember that a majority of the Obsidian team are former members of Black Isle, the studio that created the original Fallout games.
    It's a much better RPG, even if it's still largely a shooter.
    Basically, in my opinion, it's what Fallout 3 should have been.