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  1.  Sporing


    I found this game to be utterly boring, after all the hype it received and potential it had I was expecting a very interesting game but what I got was mediocre at its best and utterly boring at its worst.
    The concept is good but what has been delivered is too rushed and too linear. The design of your creature has no effect on its abilities, give it 4 arms and 20 legs and it will work no different then one with 1 arm and 1 leg.
    My conclusion is that the idea is good but the execution has been an absolute let down and is not worth buying unless they give you money for it.... and cake.. . Who knows maybe spore 2 will be better.

  2.  good game BUT!


    I've been playing this game for a while now and I have to say it is quite good. It resembles Knights of the old republick quite a bit in feel and if you like RPGs then there is very little not to like about this game except for maybe the huuuuge amount of conversations that slow it down.
    My biggest gripe however and the reason why I only give it two stars is the incredibly invasive DRM.
    You need to have your machine online to play the game, there is no alternative to this.
    For people like me who use a machine for games and a different machine for internet this is incredibly annoying. In the end I ended up using a crack. For a game I paid hard earned money for it is quite ridiculous.
    Had I known this in advance i wouldn't have bothered buying this game. it is in my opinion not worth the £25.
    Maybe get it when it's in the discount bin for a fiver