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  1.  Not Bad, But Not Great


    i have to agree with PerUlven on this one.
    i didnt buy mine from Play, but its the same controller. i found it comfortable to hold and it has the sticks the same way as the Xbox. i bought this because most of my friends have xbox's and complain when using the Ps3 controllers because of the sticks (i dont see why its a controller right?)
    but the bad thing with it is that my Right stick gets stuck when you push up, and on Call of Duty thats not a good thing.
    the red light up buttons are cool, the front L's and R's are easy to use and if you have big hands it fits well,
    if you dont. dont buy this. you'll end up giving yourself a hand cramp trying to reach the sticks.
    All in all As a Main stay controller. i'd say no.
    get it for them times when everyone comes over and your one controller short.

  2.  Ever lasting fun.


    Borderlands.. where do i begin..
    Simply a master piece for one.
    2K really went all out with this game, it has so much to do it will keep you busy and entertained for hours.
    Solo or Co-op the fun never ends the story line will take you at least sevral hours to complete by yourself. or team up with a pal offline or up to 3 online throughout the entire storyline to throw stronger enemies better weapons and a lasting challenge into the mix. or take it to the duel arena to really test your metal against other human players online.
    you wont regret buying this game.

  3.  The Most Gripping Game I've Ever Played.


    Quiet simply the Best Park Simulator ever.
    Forget Zoo Tycoon and Theme Park World, the greatest Atractions ever are the ones that can breath. Dinosaurs braught back to life to meet your enjoyment needs.
    This games has endless hours of fun.
    Create and Design and Build the Ultimate Biological Theme Park
    from the lands you build it on, to the walls around it and the dino's you put in it and even where the toilets are. keep your Visitors happy or face the axe from the In-gen board of directors.
    Build your park up to a luxurious 5 star attractions, with some of the most Dangerous animals ever to walk the earth, or the gentle giant herbivores. and even after all that work you can destroy the fences and watch the havok, everything is at your control.