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  1.  Great but disjointed


    Fable 3 can simply be summed by saying that it is what Fable 2 should have been. The graphics are decent (not the best but far from the worse), the story is enjoyable, there's a certain satisfying simplicity to the game play and the atmosphere is fantastic. You make your own decisions throughout that really do have an impact over the game (far more than others currently out there) and the fact that it is entirely simulated gives you a huge amount of freedom to be your own person and essentially decide how you are going to play, whether as an evil or a good character. Also, the fact that the game is essentially two parts (the first part being your quest to become ruler of Albion and the second part actually being the ruler of Albion) is truly sublime and offers two vastly contrasting elements to the game, that oddly rather complement each other very well, if leaving a slightly disjointed feeling. Other nice touches include simply exploring Albion, a place that has advanced greatly since Fable 2, leaving it now in an industrial era, and this is great fun to experience, especially for all those who played Fable 2 but even for newcomers to the series. Other small improvements include the new maps (a vast improvement on Fable 2) and good on-line. Unlike its predecessor on-line is actually enjoyable in the new game.

    There are however some drawbacks, chief among these being the disjointed feel you get from playing the game. Half the time you are running around half naked performing obscene bodily functions and the other half you are skilfully manoeuvring yourself around the current political setting in Albion as you attempt to win supporters to topple your brother, the King. This contradiction leaves the feeling that the game can't make up its mind about what it wants to be but it is possible to overlook this as it doesn't really make the game any less fun to play. Other minor problems are the bugs which include people talking at the same time and strange situations that don't make a lot of sense occurring but these are easy to overlook. Overall a very enjoyable game and one that I will be playing a lot of for the foreseeable future.

  2.  Great story mode but...


    Writing this I can honestly say that that the story mode for this game is excellent and easily worth 5 stars. It is relatively realistic (without being ridiculous to the point of removing the element of fun), the graphics are sublime (especially during day time, during the day it is truly a thing of beauty and although the night time can't quite hold a torch to day it is still an excellent experience) and the whole experience of playing it is phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time I was playing this game and would highly recommend this aspect of the game to any lovers of FPS and just gamers in general. I would even go as far as saying that it is comparable to Medal of Honour Rising Sun (in my opinion not only the best FPS of all time but the best game full stop) in terms of story mode it is certainly better then anything the teams at Treyarch and Activision have churned out for COD.

    However now we are forced to look at the multi-player aspect of the game and I can only describe it as exceptionally poor, a real shame. It feels pedestrian (especially when compared to the main game) and some of the aspects to it are just awful. For example, the power of the weapons is bizarre with snipers being able to achieve won shot kills if striking the opponents hand and the spawning is worse then that of COD (which is saying a lot). However even when we look past these flaws MOH online still just doesn't feel anywhere near as good as what we have come to expect FPS in recent years. I certainly haven't seen anything that will tempt me from MW2 until the release of Black Ops, and this is a great shame as the story mode is truly great and it had potential to really claw back fans from COD , but alas its inability to provide a decent on-line experience has caused it to fail. At least its better then COD5.

  3.  Excellent (but could be improved)


    I was stuck between giving this a 5 star and a 4 star rating, but in the end I opted for the lesser of the two simply because, although it has some awesome features, there are just to many disadvantages to ignore. First of all it is undoubtedly similar to Fallout 3, the graphics are more or less identical, the wasteland all to similar and the whole thing just ends up smacking of a huge expansion pack to the previous title in the series. There are also far too many bugs, and whilst I can only speak for those who have a copy for an Xbox (I am told it runs much smoother on PCs) the fact that it freezes every so often is unbelievably annoying. These minor glitches (amongst other things, including the occasional rotating head when the character is shot there) should really have been ironed out prior to release and one hopes that patches will soon sort the problem. Another big (and slightly bizarre due to feedback from Fallout 3) problem is the fact that you are unable to continue your quests after completing the main storyline. This is a problem that it shared with Fallout 3 and is one that I was certain we wouldn't see with the new release after all the feedback from the last game. Hopefully (like last time) this will be fixed. My final bugbear with the game is the main story itself, which I found to be just a tiny bit predictable and unsatisfactory, although this really is nitpicking as it is still very enjoyable and the side missions (roughly 100 hours plus worth of these) really are excellent.

    Despite all the negatives this is still a brilliant game and although it is very similar to Fallout 3, seeing as that was one of my favourite ever games I find it hard to see how the similarity can be a bad thing. The new weapons mod system is great, the side missions are engaging and fun, the new ability to look down the iron sights of the weapons is fantastic and I can honestly say that hardcore mode is one of the most inspired additions to any game ever, so now all that's left is to wait for more. Role on the DLCs!