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  1. FIFA 14

    FIFA 14


    13 New from  £18.67  Free delivery

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     Best one yet


    Excellent gameplay and lots of great game modes. I could go on and on about why its so good but I can't be bothered. 4 stars and not 5 because for it to be a 5 it would have to be perfect and what it is still lacking is better commentary and I would like to hear the commentators talking about each shot/pass during the highlights like in real life just little things like that but as I said loving the gameplay and match day on online seasons finally

  2.  the best one


    definatly the best one yet dont listen to other reviewers saying its not as realistic coz its speeded up a bit thats why its so much more fun no games should be exactly like real life else all sports games would be BORING.if you watch a real heavyweight fight you will see they are not hitting each other and landing loads of punches and it is quite slow especially as the fight goes on now if the game was to much like that you would get bored.take fifa for example when you play online its 5 or 6 mins per half and the result usually ends up like a real football score eg.3-2.but if they were to make it as real as real life then how boring would playing for 90 mins and it maybe ending up 0-0 be.so like all the best sports games they have the balance between gaming and real life perfect which is why this one is the best.

    also people saying the graphics have only just improved but come on there as good as any other sports game out there thats just the time we live in games are not going to marginaly improve like they used to eg ps2 quality to ps3 until maybe the ps4 but even then the graphics of today in most games is a very high standard. i mean whats next controlling real life people lol.

    PLUS the story mode is by far the best in any fighting game ever or sports to be more correct and yes it is a bit short but imagine the possibillities with it, imagine when they start adding in customizing your own character into these stories and making the longer, i dont know if they are planning on doing that but they definatly should think about it.

    nba2k12 should do this with there career mode and fifa showing your created player on the news and so on and so on, would be great.anyway 5 stars to a great game.

  3.  loved it


    great game always loved the pc games like this.great strategy.

  4.  demo review


    downloaded the demo yesterday and all i can say is IMPRESSED. ive never really liked the past games as they seemed slow boring and very complicated controls but as you will read on the discription they have completley revamped the control system and i a beginner was able to pick up and play this with ease.

    great graphics, brilliant gameplay and by the looks of it there will be plenty to do.
    again very impressed and i cant wait to get it and im not even a ufc fan.

  5.  still the best shooter


    its still the best shootem up online out there but it has hrdly changed from mw2.i understand wen people say why change it but it can be improved the ps3 can handle alot more as games such as skyrim and uncharted have shown so mw3 should step it up just a bit to make the perfect game.they can do better graphically.and also just make some little improvements that would have a great impact ie being able to get in and drive cars or more stuff like tables full of letters flying everywhere as u shoot and maybe finishing moves like wen u stab somone the camera zooms out and u see ur player cutting the other players throat from behind etc. oh and fully customisable players even facial features.by the way im talking only about online as thats all i buy it for.so great game but deffo needs to step it up a notch next year or i dont think i will bother anymore.

  6. NBA 2K12

    NBA 2K12


    1 New from  £29.41  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £34.99



    perfect basketball game loads to do great graphics great gameplay only thing i would have liked to have seen is the ability to play atleast my friends online with legend teams.i understand why they didnt apply it for general online use as lets face it 90% of people would be mj in his prime but i think they should allow it for wen u play private games.take note 2k oh and online 3 point comps and improved dunk contest would be good.

  7.  best book ive read


    which isnt saying too much as i havnt read many books atleast since i was younger.loved the films so much i thought i would give the books a go not realising that the hobbit was written first but i dont think it matters to much.anyway yeah loads in the book that the film hasnt got but then it would do or the first film would have been 9 hours on its own.very well written can see why it got so famous,nearly finished it then will start on two towers and will make sure i read the hobbit before the film comes out.

  8.  best rpg ever


    only played about 5 or 6 hours of oblivion and got bored ut this game is far better, graphics are amazing considering you can go anywhere on a massive world. ive played a fair few hours and ive only discovered a couple of places,this game will easily supply 100+ hours i dnt care what anyone says.i loved dragon age origins and believed that to be the best rpg,i was wrong this will be game of the year or even decade.

  9.  best one yet


    right everyone is complaining about the tackling.yes it does take some getting used to and i did find it fustrating at first but it doesnt take long to get the hang of and when u do u will find it more rewarding.the game looks and feels like real football where as previous games it doesnt,in that the ball in the older games is changing possesion every few seconds and gaining the ball took absolutly no skill u just had to hold x and let the game do the rest.

    so in my opinion its a good idea because you actually have to be good to stop your oponent scoring - makes sense doesnt it.

    plus the new idea of gaining points to move foward in online play is great and with when you play your friends it just adds a little more point in doing it and makes it much more enjoyable.

    NBA2K12 should do this for online games aswell just to give it a point instead of just playing to recieve a win.

  10.  one of the best


    cant fault this film amazing cgi great story and action this film can be enjoyed by oap's to little kids absolutly brilliant cant fault. sig: j.sheppard (movie guru)