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  1.  A different approach to Coldplay


    I definitely see why fans feel divided about this new album. While rather different from the amazing Viva la Vida in its celebration of life and death, Mylo Xyloto definitely breathes an alternative almost playful side to the band's usual themes.

    It's different from what we're used from Coldplay but you can still hear a familiarity to it. If I had to compare it to other bands, I'd say some tracks have a remarkable Sigur Ros feel to them, what with the metallic echo sounds and chorus in some select tracks. The duo with Rihana was done well, against (many) dreaded expectations.

    Overall, a different approach to a great band in an album that (I feel) gathers a little piece from every corner of the world. Not their best work, but you shouldn't let these words discourage you if you're a true fan. Also, they've set their bar high with their last album, so it will be difficult to break those odds.

  2.  Great sequel of a great game


    And here comes the question as to how SE can make a sequel so interesting and alluring?
    Even though we already know the game basics from the last installment, the player finds they have yet much to learn with its sequel. With six new characters and a whole new world map to explore, there's always much to do as the story unravels itself slowly. Sure, it can get confusing sometimes with so many extras and side stories (also because the bits you learn are seldomly in chronological order) but that also adds to the curiosity of wanting to know more.
    Character wise I was mildly disappointed there weren't more interactions between the new characters and the old ones. Of course, in a game with so many characters, it's always hard to satisfy everyone. Most of the first Dissidia is retold in this one and that is also part of the reason I'm not granting the five shiny stars here. The camera faults could have also been fixed but, as it is, in certain arenas you'll most likely find yourself facing a wall than your rival.
    Gameplay wise, they managed to introduce yet more button combinations with the assist system, which only adds to the challenge. SE once again proves they can make great fighting games, good enough to rival any Tekken.

  3.  Keep it up 'Disneyix!'


    I was always fond of the Kingdom Hearts games series (despite unfortunately not having the chance to play them all as I only own a PS2 and PSP). I was never too keen of the main Square Enix storyline being mixed with that of Disney's (having Goofy and Donald on my team in the first games was never much of a thrill) but despite my tendency to believe that aspect of the games is present to target a younger audience, Square does accomplish Disney's 'magic' quite well, incorporating it with the main storyline without it seeming too forced. BBS may be intended as a prequel to the main story we're so familiar with but it doesn't fail to portray a feeling of 'continuity' for the series in whole, despite the lack of very familiar characters such as Sora. I'm still in the beginning of the game but what I've seen so far looks improved and I'm glad the annoying space ship shooter mini-game has been replaced with an odd version of Monopoly, equally amusing without getting annoying.