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  1.  This is the best deal on Skullcandy headphones ever!!!


    For the price you pay you get to fantastic headphones. Because they are made by skullcandy they are stylish, comfortable and more importantly they offer a great sound, so you can listen to your music at full volume whenever and wherever you want. Everyone should buy this pack NOW!!!

  2.  Vanquishes any other 3rd person shooter


    The first time that I saw Vanquish was when i was on work experience and every lunch break there was a GAME shop next door, so i always went in there. At the back was the demo of vanquish and after i had finished i went home and pre ordered it. But there are 2 things that I don't like: 1) It is too short, i would have liked it to be longer + 2) The challenge mode is impossibly hard!!!

  3.  Surprised


    I can remember when i saw the IGN review of the game, but it didn't really look that good. But then i got the game for Christmas and it really surprised me! There is a good mix between killing dinosaurs and men (who look a lot like the Helgans from Killzone). The gun play i pretty good, but some of the guns do feel underpowered.

    It is worth the buy as it is quite cheap, and it is really quite good. Cheap and cheerful I say!

  4.  YES YES YES!!!!!!!


    I haven't played any of the Fear games before but when i went to my friends house last week and played it i thought to my self that I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!! So i bought it, unwrapped it and put it into my PS3. This is one of the best games that i have ever played, but if you just buy games for the achievements then this game is not for you. This game is about atmosphere and scares which it delivers.

    I must admit that the gunplay is average and the graphics are not the best but games are not just about that. If you want this game, but it because it won't let you down!!

  5.  This game is 'Mega'tron


    I was slightly worried when I heard that they were going to make another Transformers game.

    But as soon as I started playing I never wanted to stop! The campaign is quite short but it is long compared to other games. You can choose to play as Autobots and Decepticons.

    The game goes right back to G1 - before the Transformers had made contact with Earth.Also Hasbro has said that this game is the history before the Cartoons.

    The voice acting is great - and they even used the original voice actor for Optimus Prime from the original G1 series



    I have played God of War: Chains of Olympus and you can easily see that the combat and upgrading is based on it, but to be honest i don't really care because i love that kind of game. Also i think that the graphics i really good for the PSP, and even though the combat can get a bit repetitive it is still really exiting. Finally it compares really well to the PS3 version!



    Thank you so much, because i have been streaming the internet for AGES i then when i finally saw this, that actually fits in the PSP slim i was so PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1