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  1.  Super Mario Galaxy, Outstanding.


    I Bought super mario galaxy 1, and i thought that this was the best mario game ever to be made. the levels were AWESOME, the graphics were great and the gameplay was just fantastic, but i was only able to collect about 40 stars..
    Soon as this game came out i just had to get it, and i was thrilled, there wasnt any need to check the DVD inside to watch how to play, i just wanted to get going. The gameplay slightly reminded me of new super mario bros wii, which was good because that is also a fantastic game. About a month in and im only on 35 stars, this is good, a long lasting game that doesnt take 2 days to complete. If your looking for a one player game very similar to all the platform mario games, then this game is a MUST BUY, even if you dont like mario you should buy this. Its just amazing.

  2.  Wow...


    I checked this game out, had a play on it and all i could do was laugh. This has got to be one of the worst games i have ever played on the DS, its very boring and overall is just a mario party copycat. Dont waste 15 quid, buy something worthwhile.

  3. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo DS

    1 New from  £18.39  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.95

     Not what i expected.


    FIFA 11.. where do i start. I Was hoping for a game with better graphics than previous versions and better gameplay. Once i got the game i couldnt wait to play. I Chose my team to find that half of the players in my side were players that have left the club a few months ago. When i had to choose my kit there wasnt a sponsor on the kit either. It is very similar to FIFA 10. the same commentators and the crowd say the same things. Overall i was quite dissapointed. If you havent got FIFA 9 or 10 then maybe this game would be good for you, but if you have they i dont reccomend buying.

  4.  What can i say...


    I Have never played pokemon before this. I knew slightly was it was about, and in my opinion it was pretty lame. All you have to do is run around fighting pokemons. Nobody i knew had got any of the games but i knew some big fans. I Decided to try it off a friend, and i looked really good. I Couldnt get enough of it, it has been one of the best games i have ever played in years. Now the new one is coming out this game has made me want to get the next one, i have emerald,diamond,soulsilver and white. Looking at my name you can tell how i have loved this game. If you love to play online games that consist of levelling up .ect. then this game is for you. A fantastic platform game.

  5.  Hmm..


    A fair game, good for people who loves the films. Very similar to mario kart, it has items and different characters. I Liked this game because the tracks were fun. Once i completed the game i got bored of it, if you like the films then give it a go. Its worth its money.

  6.  Another Fantastic sequel.


    Some of the first mario kart games going back years.. Super mario kart.. mario kart super circuit.. mario kart 64.. Every system has a mario kart. Now its the NDS's turn. Mario kart DS, after bringing out mario kart DD for the gamecube.. out comes another one, and its better than all the rest. Now you can play 32 tracks on your DS using your favourite mario characters. There is three CC's you can do.. but possibly more to unlock. The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, and now you can battle with your friends. Using DS to DS wi-fi.. Also there is a new improvement called "missions". You can use this to complete mario kart DS missions, there are 6 levels.. at the each of every level there is a boss you have to defeat. Depending on how well you complete these you will get ranked. This game is a must BUY

  7.  One of the best NDS titles.


    Outstanding game, if your into playing virtual games and roleplaying then this is the game for you. Once you start the game you will be given a character (boy\girl) depending on what you gave as the questions at the start of the game. If you answer differently to someone else, they may have different looks. You will have a town hall,museum, your house, neighbour houses and two shops. You will have to start off with your work. The aim of the game is to pay off your mortage that you will get for your house, each amount you pay off your house will upgrade. One shop sells clothing for your char, one sells furniture, letters and items. Theres a millions of furniture to choose, all set into catagories. Mainly a good idea would be to collect furniture of the same colour/type/style. You can speak to neighbours which are animals, there are lots and if you dont interact with them from time to time they may leave your town. More people will move in though.
    I Couldnt get enough of this game, i have played it for weeks and weeks. Once youve completed your mortage there is still more to do. You can collect fish,bugs,fossils and donate them to your museum. This game is a must buy.