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  1.  GRATE


    no coment but yeah i loved it lol it was a good movie

  2.  the best batman movie i have ever seen


    all what i can say is that its so fun to watch and the badys r cool like the joker he was a good joker he was better then the older joker and stuff there is so mutch to say but just watch it if u like batman this is the best 1 ok lol

  3.  good and funny


    i fort it was a grate film and yes yes yes it is its just not has good as lier lier but yeah it was funny and cool it is worth seeing because u will like it just like me ok lol

  4.  its ok but nathin amazzin


    i fort it willl be more funnyer and better then it was but i fort it was qite funny in bits the storry was alright but i do like ther actoers in it ow so yeah its good just not hass good as i thought it was gonna be

  5.  1 of the best war games


    yes i love this game the multiplayer is so awesome and the single player storry is amazzin so it is a rilly good game i think the best war games is this and battlefirld bad company 2 ok there both about the same but cod black opps hass better grafics and its so more relistick ok



    i love this game it hass the lot i love it its 1 of the best games ever its a grate storry

  7.  OMG its amazzin and the best game ever !!!!


    i love this game so so so mutch it hass the lot on it aswell they online is grate fun and the single player the storry mode was a grate storry and im hoping that there gonna b a uncharted 3 weeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee b so cool but yeah this is even better then the 1st 1 and the 1st 1 is amazzinly good lol I LOVE IT SO BAD

  8.  borring and bad grafics not as good as the movie


    yeah i fort the movie was rilly good so i fort il get the game but no the game is so rubish its a west of time and not fun to play just not worth geting but yes the movie is grate ok just not the game lol

  9.  not as good as the 1st game


    i fort it was just to borring for me because i have played the 1st 1 and the gameplay and stuff r the same and i think its just so fake this game i liked it at first then i got so bored of it after 5 levels like i got bored of the 1st 1 but the 1st 1 was better then this 1 i fort im not a fan of this game its not my tipe and if there a 3 coming out im not geting it so its ok at first then bad after a little wiyle ok thats what i think eneyway

  10.  its not bad but not grate


    i will give this 3 stars because i fort it was good at 1st but then i got bored of it i will not play it again because its all the same moves and stuff its only a good game at 1st then after a little wiyle you will stop playing it like me but i gess some people like games like this its just not my tipe but this 1 is better then the 2nd 1 whats just come out ok