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  1.  Sick


    Don't mind a bit of blood & gore, its a horror after all but I'm afraid I draw the line at inbred rapists. Wrong and anyone who suggests otherwise is too.

  2.  Classic Sid


    Long been and fan of the Civ series. This one is not as in depth as the PC versions but still enjoyable. The advisors are funny and the cinematic scenes are cool.

  3.  Got to love Brad & Ray


    I loved Band of Brothers and this is up there with it. Shame its only a mini series but I will be buying the dvd (Hopefully Blu Ray as I have seen it listed but not on Play yet) when it is released. If you also like Ross Kemp in Afganistan you'll most likely love this. Very funny scenes with Brad & Ray, best characters in Generation Kill.

  4.  Why did Lara do that??


    Good game but gets a bit too hard as game goes on, spoils enjoyment and gets a bit silly really. Drakes fortune is better for me.

  5.  seen funnier but....


    enjoyed it and had a laugh, enjoyed this all the same and anyone who doesn't like this movie obviously didn't watch til the end becasue the Tom Cruise dance is awesome.
    Just chill out and watch it, its daft but thats what Stiller does.

  6.  good fun


    Not often I can find a game both me and the girlfriend enjoy playing together but this was actually great fun and kept us occupied for ages.

    One minor bad point is the camera angels can sometimes make it difficult to move around without dropping of edges or falling off platforms.

  7.  Let us remember....


    First thing to mention, this is based on real events, real accounts from the men of the 101st Airbourne - Easy company, what they did is amazing we owe them our gratitude.

    Moving on, I own the original box set and its most definatly my favourite series and hearing it's being released on Blu-Ray was geat news and have preorderd a copy to add to the collection.
    The book by Stephen E Ambrose was a fantastic read and the series does the book justice.

    If you've never watched Band of Brothers and your 'umming' and 'arring' whether to buy this and you enjoy war movies then you won't be dissapointed, or buy the book and then try and stop yourself purchasing the dvd... Blu-Ray obivously.

  8.  Great Game


    A must have game. interesting story line, easy to grasp the controls, plenty of freedom, killer moves and generally very smooth to play. I've completed the game some time ago but recently came back to play it remembering how good it was and that I hadn't found all the knights templers 58/60 found. Can't wait for the 2nd one as the ending left me in little doubt that there will be another. Check out the actress who plays the girl, she's also in Hero's the tv series.

  9.  Bad.... and not the good kinda bad


    So so dissapointed, the only good thing to say about this game is that it only covers the first movie and there are 2 more efforts to try and improve this. I only sticked with it to get the Gamerscore points from it which is very sad. the game is rough playing meaning it isn't very smooth to play despite the developers trying to give the gamer a unique fighting experience, when walking through buildings with gun in hand, taking cover can prove difficult as he jumps to a position of cover that you didn't want him too thats not actually in cover..... frustrating. Sorry to dissapoint anyone thinking of buying it who loves the movies like me.

  10.  Jericho


    Me and my girlfriend have always enjoyed watching the likes of 24, lost, the unit, bones etc but jericho is completly on another level.
    The story is basically about America being attacked by nuclear bombs in several of the major cities across the country with a small town called Jericho losing all communication with the outside world.
    It shows the stuggles the town comes up against with trying to survive raiders, domestic unrest, refugee intake etc, all whilst one of the residents knows more about the bombings than he is letting on about.
    The show grips you and you can't wait for the next episode. Especially watch out for the Green family, they make Jericho. Even my brother never misses Jericho after he watched an episode with us (Bobby).