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Motorola RAZR Black V3 Vodafone Pre-pay Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: Motorola

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  A phone with style and finesse

| | See all perranp6's reviews (1)

I have always wanted this phone but just never purchased one when changing phones, however once I found this phone at a good price courtesy of Play.
I know it is a older phone but it doesn't look it
I have only had it 2 days and people are asking about it
Delivery FIRST CLASS only 2 days
Nice large screen and good resolution, sounds good, easy to navigate through menu/functions

  I don't know what to think

| | See all Maximillion2's reviews (10)

I have this phone and it is a good phone but the memory space is very limited. So if you want a easy use phone get this

  Not bad...

| | See all JohnShooter's reviews (31)

It's a pretty basic phone...its not gonna transport you to the moon or send you back in time to 1969 or anything lol but it'll let you do all the things you need a phone to do, the memory isn't that big either in all honesty, however that a-side it's quite a nice looking phone and very slim & light, you can barely feel it in your pocket as it doesn't weigh much at all (not sure if thats a good or bad thing though lol).

The only real problem I've had is mine has a real habit of switching its self off straight after I've just switched it on which is frustrating.

Other then that its not a bad phone for the price.

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| | See all Strom87's reviews (10)

Excellent phone wasn't sure if it was worth buying but after recieving mine today I am over the moon. downloaded tons of ringtones and wallpapers. MUST BUY!!! Thank Play.com

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  This is a good phone but ther is some problems with it

| | See all jamiedanrichards's reviews (1)

i find this phone to be very good, it has every requirement to be a good phone and it looks very good and sci-fied. but there are some problems, the first being the memnory, it is absolutly poor, its annoying as u want to have ur favourite tunes on there to be ur ring tones but due to the very small memory you can only store one, 2 if ur lucky songs at it is very annoying, in some cases u may not be able to have certain songs as they are to big to even fit on the phone as it is bigger than the phones memory storage, the thing that is annoying there i s no memory card slot so u have 2 getused to have 5 mb worth of memory. also the fact that this phone is not hard wearing, if you drop it is is easly smashed and chipped and broke so its not very hard waring but everything else about the pjone is good. so i u dont need a phone with much memory and are very careful persn i recomend this phone 2 yoy
peace out

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  No thanks

| | See all Placebo2's reviews (4)

I have this phone but in pink and find it to be so annoying! Motorolas have so many problems from blacking out to not charging and I am defanatly buying another phone.

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  Love it!

| | See all welshdrummer89's reviews (4)

I'm not a big fan of fones, but i love this one! it looks great, and works really well. Not only that but it is dirt cheap! :P

I highly reconmend this phone to any1, the camera is great and it can store a fair amount of pictures. However if you like your mobile to be used as an mp3 player, then re-think your decision, because it has very little memory for tonnes of mp3 tracks.

Otherwise top notch :)

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| | See all KeanoComedy's reviews (61)

A great phone. I've had this phone for a long time now, I do believe that I have had it for about 15-16 months. I have not yet encountered any significant problems. The menu is easy to operate, as are most Motorolas that I have encountered thus far. The camera is good, as is the video recording. The speaker is fine for voice recordings/ music playing. It is also easy to hear the person on the other end of the phone when in a call. The messaging is easy with either manual texting or predictive, whichever is preferable dependant on the person using the phone. The predictive texting also becomes used to the way you text, remembering words often used. The games put on there prior to being sold aren't great but that isn't that important in phone use. The case and design is stylish as is the keypad and screen layout. The case is also very resistant. One criticism of the phone is that the internal storage is pretty low and gets full up very easily. But overall a great phone and recommended.

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  this the best phone on this earth

| | See all timmax's reviews (7)

i loved this phone (when it was launched about a million years ago) because even though it lacks an specs these days compared to the fast movement in the mobile technology. what i find amazing is how a phone that came out 2 years ago is still on the market today. isnt that amazing. This phone has beauty like no other and has been a huge hit for motorola. The memory is nano (5.5 mb) and the battery isnt great but so what. this phone has a beautiful screen and resolution although the basic vga camera lets it down alot. i have had many oppertunities to pick this phone in the shops when i was ever getting a new phone but for some reason something stopped me and i think it is the poor camera and nano memmory. But if you are the sort of person unlike me that only wants good looks out of a phone than this is for you.

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