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Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Manufacturer: Nokia

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Customer Reviews

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  Headset revelation

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Despite an extra email from Play.com warning of possible delays at this time of year, my headset arrived this afternoon, Wednesday, which was well within the stipulated period. The case is most imposing and will be the best place to keep the headset when not in use. I haven't done Bluetooth before so It was a very pleasant surprise when Headset and phone - 5800XM - found each other within seconds and the confirmation appeared on the phone. I intend fitting BT Dongles to my computers so that I can use the phones with them as well as start them talking to each other. I have tried WiFi but found it too tricky to set up as well as having too great a range. The test piece was Beethoven Opus 59, No1, the first Razumovsky Quartet, which the apparatus delivered with clarity and conviction. A flick of the right ear and I was on to a vintage "I'm sorry I'll read that again". Uncanny. It was so nice being able to wonder around without a tether to the phone holding me in one place afraid of stretching or snapping an umbilical. Only four stars just now as I haven't tried it on the bus, But I expect a stunning performance.

  It's brilliant

| | See all BikerMan911's reviews (1)

First thing first; got this from play.com when it was 80 quid less than rrp. I notice the price has gone up somewhat. Delivery went without any problems although it took the full 5 days to arrive.

The product itself is excellent. I am no newbiw\e to high end cans. I currently own the Sennheiser PXC 450 and the this Nokia (BH905) competes and does so aggresively. The noise cancelation on the 905 is better in both wired and wireless. The 450's is wired only.

I use te 905 with a Nokia N900 and it works flawlessly for me No problems at all. There is a break in the music for a second or so when multitasking; for example when starting a new email or sms but it's only for a second.

I use it frequently on my bike when commuting and again no problems. I usually put my phone in my messenger type bag and off I go. It fits my head perfectly and dare I say you would have to have a really odd shape head to not find a fit.

I do not use the noise cancellation when on the bike as it does provide a small isolation.

It works great on the tube and not even the noisy Victoria line could defeat its effectiveness. It will not provide silence or anything close on the London underground. What it will do though is allow the music through, with bass largely unaffected. On the underground, not even the PXC 450 can match it.

Sound quality wise, I cannot fault it. I only notice a difference between wireless and wired mode when playing lossless formats. With nornal lossy aac he2, they are even.

I haven't used it on a plane yet, but given the way it handled the London Underground, I have no reason for concerns.

For a 100 & 20 quid, I cannot fault this unit. I believe it does EXACTly what it says on the tin; nothing more nothing less. No false advertising here as far as I can tell.

Battery life by the way is exceptional and IMHO surpassed Nokia's stated specification certainly when NC is disabled for AAC stuff.

This for me is a bargain and one of my best buys this year. I will use this thing till it drops dead, it's that good. I am also seriously tempted to sell my PXC 450.

My only gripe - The battery is non user replaceable and I am willing to bet that in a few years time when it does need replacingl I probably wouldn't be able to get it replace rendering the unit useless for Noise Cancellation.

Buy with confidence!

  Loose fitting

| | See all ckirkby3's reviews (1)

The previous reviewer clearly has a peanut head, or a very small head, i have a normal sized head and they do not fall off if i shake my head. Also i presume he is very heavy handed because i have never heard of mine or my friend multi function button not working.

  Poor Quality

| | See all dove37's reviews (1)

Very loose fitting headphones that fell off if you move your head too quickly. Multifunction button completely failed after one evenings use.
So disapointed with Nokia at the moment.

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  Work pretty well with iPhone 3G, slight problem using in car

| | See all sunboi's reviews (1)

First off - I just want to cover compatibility with the iPhone 3G as I searched for details before buying them but couldn't find any, so took a risk:

Play/pause works but FF and Rew DO NOT work. Suspect this is an iPhone issue - as the FF and Rew controls work fine when using them with my BlackBerry. I use my BH905 with my iPhone every day and really pleased with the performance, aside from the fact that I have to get my iPhone out of my pocket to skip tracks. Haven't tried with iPhone 3GS.

One note someone else mentioned - the noise canceling feature does seem to respond a bit strangely to sudden changes in air pressure. For example, when I'm in the back of a car listening with the noise canceling activated and we pass a lorry going the other way, you get a short whoosh and a knocking sound for a split second. I guess this is the headphones trying to cancel the 'noise' from the air pressure of the lorry passing by but it doesn't really work. Also sometimes there is a vibrato effect slightly evident.

I've only found this in a car - on the bus it's not there (larger volume so the air pressure change isn't so evident? I dunno..) and on the train or plane it's also fine. Switching off the noise cancellation removes this effect immediately.

I can't give them 5 stars because of this.

Battery life with the iPhone, listening to music with noise cancellation turned on for about 4 hours per day is approx 2-3 days... so about 10 hours. I know the website says 16 hours - i think that's too high from my experience, but 10 hours is acceptable to me.

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  If Apple made headphones these would be them.

| | See all carlclarke's reviews (1)

I don't usually feel inspired to write reviews however these headphones really deserve praise. My other favourite (earphones) are Klipsch X10's and whilst the BH-905 are not so revealing as the X10's they are fantastic. I smile every time that I switch on the noise cancelling, I count to three and the background noise disappears. It is even soothing to wear them with noise cancelling enabled and no music. The audio performance is very good through Bluetooth Stereo. I get the best sound by using Apple Lossless encoded source material so that the audio reaching the headphones has only been lossy compressed once (in order to transmit the BT audio). If music via Bluetooth is not your thing then you can use the supplied cable to connect but the freedom of wireless is a big advantage. Taking handsfree phone calls on a noisy Oxford Street is a pleasure too. Could they be improved? Well audio-wise I doubt it, some different styles and colours may widen the appeal and of course they are expensive (but good value and even more so at the current price on Play.com). Really I love them and would recommend that you try them. Do what I did - go and audition them at the Nokia Shop then buy on-line :-o


| | See all ChrisOfLondon's reviews (2)

I'm a huge fan of noise cancelling tech in all things ear piece. I've enjoyed using some ancient Bose QC2 for some time.. but I thought I should get with the time and look for a Bluetooth alternative.

Nokia's flagship headphones seemed to fill this new gap in my life. Rechargeable, bluetooth and cabled, listen and make calls.. sounded great!

Now, the build quality appears to be pretty good. The buttons seem to be in logical places and the "feel" isn't too bad either.. I can wear them for hours and they don't bother me. I recharge daily but the battery life if it is even half what they suggest in the manual is more than enough. The case holds all the accessories (including a mini charger). From a tactile perspective they feel great.

The audio appears to be "flavoured" but this is the case with most headphones. Compared to the QC2 they feel like they might be lacking something but then again, the QC2 are far from a flat response. It is down to taste and although different to others I've used, the audio performance is by no means an issue. It's fair that they sound pretty good.

The bluetooth and noise cancelling are close, but far from being as good as the price tag should warrant.

I've been using the set with Nokia's flagship N97 via bluetooth and it is brutally bad.

The volume level is inconsistent. There is a volume level on the phone and on the headphones that can be set (and reset) independently) Today I couldn't get more than a whisper from the headphones with both volume levels at max. When I rebooted the phone, the volume level was deafening (these headphones can do LOUD!) Each time I reconnect, the level seems a bit random, something that isn't the case when using a cable.

Playback has an irritating feature. The playback is frequently inter........rupted thenspeedsupforawhile before returning to normal. It does this numerous times during an average track. I've never heard / experienced anything so strange!

Making calls is problematic too.. Often the first call made after turning the headphones on is mute. The other end cannot hear me. Calling back solves the problem.

I assume these are Bluetooth issues, perhaps with the N97 though others using different Nokia and other brand headsets haven't experienced this problem.

Then there is the noise cancelling with its 12 microphones. It works well (certainly as well if not better than other's I've tested: Bose Sony) but only if I am stationary. It works great sitting in a room with an air conditioner, for example (it really does cancel consistent noise very well).

If you're in an environment that is not totally still (like a train, bus, plane, walking in a light breeze) any slight jolt introduces a whoosh into the audio. It's hard to describe.

I use my set on a train and a bus to and from work and I notice problems when another train passes in the opposite direction or the train doors open/close at a station. The feeling and noise is as if someone had pushed the headphone cup against my ear. If the train/bus is moving it introduces an almost tremolo effect into the audio.. a toooooooooooooone becomes tooowowoowowoowoowoooone at every slight bump in the road/rails.

I can appreciate this mightn't be a problem on a calm plane flight, but on every other mode of transport it is quite intrusive. It just feels like (as with other Nokia products) it hasn't been tested in real life situations.

I want to love them, but they feel a bit "beta".. They sadly just don't feel as great as promised.. Perhaps a later hardware release might solve some more issues..

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  Excellent headphones, great sound, good battery life

| | See all DystopicGuy's reviews (1)

Sound quality is very good, with sufficient bass for my needs. But, as I only listen to MP3s, I can't claim to have given the audio quality a thorough test.

Noise cancellation is excellent, greatly reducing any repetitive noise, e.g., air conditioning fan nose, road noise, airplane cabin noise, etc. The instruction manual recommends that you don't use them whilst driving though, as the noise cancellation really does isolate you from the driving experience. However, when used in a car the sound is so much clearer that you wonder how you managed before!

Unsurprisingly Bluetooth connectivity works fine with my Nokia phone, but it also connects fine with the two dongles that I use.
Unfortunately it doesn't connect with my Siemens SL565 cordless phone, but I suspect that is due to the Siemens rather than the headset.
The sound over Bluetooth is definitely comparable to when used over a wired connection.

Can connect as both a headset and as stereo headphones simultaneously, so you could be listening to music from your PC and be connected as a headset to your mobile at the same time. Even if you're using a wired connection and you're not connected to the phone, connecting to the phone is simple, just remove the wire from the headphones and hold down the power key for a couple of seconds. You can then answer a call using the same key and enjoy a conversation where the noise cancellation makes it much less effort to hear the caller talking.

Quite comfortable to wear for most of the day, although they do feel a bit heavy on the top of the head after a few hours of wearing.

The manual says that the rechargable attery will last for 40 hours using just the noise cancellation and over 12 hours of using bluetooth. I haven't used the bluetooth heavily yet, but the noise cancellation figure appears to be about right.

Will only pair using the PIN "0000", so would not work with devices that have a fixed PIN that is not "0000", e.g., some bluetooth transmitters.

All in all, very pleased with them.