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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Black)

Manufacturer: BLACKBERRY

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all simpson123's reviews (7)

This is a great phone and is buy far one of the best blackberry out, but before my blackberry i had an iphone and it feels like a huge downgrade going to a blackberry, so if you would want a blackberry this is the best if you have an iphone i would really consider the consequences of switching.

  my first bb! and im not planning on buying any other ones..!

| | See all scribblescribble's reviews (1)

this phone is just awesome! it does everything for me! i dont have to go back and fourth logging on my pc to checking my mails or contacting my friends. easy to type, easily accessible, just simply simple!!!

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  Blackberry 9700

| | See all messinger's reviews (6)

Ive recently upgraded from my Blackberry 8310 to the 9700. The 8310 has been with me every day for the past 3 years. Its been hard to commit myself to a new model simply because I was so used to the older 8310, it works great and has never let me down. However like most people I've loaded so much onto the 8310 it has become very slow over time. The Bold 9700 looks similar but is quite a different beast under the hood without being to unfamiliar. The 9700 is just a great smart phone and I have no regrets at all upgrading to this model.

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  Legend-wait for it-Dary!!!

| | See all JWhitby89's reviews (3)

This is an unbelievably good phone, upgraded from a SE Satio which was the worst phone ever. My brother has an iPhone and the BB 9700 is about neck and neck in comparison with the iPhone. A definite purchase for anyone want everything in a simple to use stylish excellent phone. A***********

  No Phone Better

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

I have owned this phone for about 9 months. This phone is just brilliant. Everything about it is amazing, the keys are so easy to use and to type with the applications are well thought out, work superbly and is fun to use.

This is by far the best phone i have ever owned. And im telling you now. i am going to keep with blackberry's in the future and will not defect to the iphone.

Nothing wrong with the iphone, just that i prefer blackberrys after using this one. But the next bold they bring out will be very interesting how they better it. I look forward to it.

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  Best phone I ever owned!

| | See all S1mon87's reviews (1)

I've never actually owned a BlackBerry phone before. I used a friends BlackBerry a few years ago (really old model) and at that time, I didn't like them. I have had Samsung touch screen phones for ages now and I was getting so bored of texting on them as I kept hitting the wrong keys all the time and it was taking forever, particularly on the previous one I had. Anyway, I got the Bold 9700 as I liked the Qwerty keypad. I was amazed at how easy it is to use, even for stuff like MSN, which is really hard to use on a lot handsets. I love how emails come through immediately (actually quicker than my computer gets them!) The apps are great as you can use 2 app stores (Blackberry Apps and MobiHand Apps) There are loads to choose from as well as themes and games. The music player is really loud and clear! Instant access to Facebook, Twitter, eBay etc. It's crammed full of amazing features!! A million times better than the iPhone as far as I'm concerned!! Go on.. Buy one.. You know you want to.. :)

  Outstanding but for a little more you can get a iPhone 3gs

| | See all the1beard's reviews (19)

If you absolutely must have a keyboard then this is an excellent phone I also have the iPhone 3GS and would say if I only had to have one phone it'd be the 3GS. It makes the 9700 look like old technology in pretty well every area and when you consider there is only fifty pounds between them it's a no brainer. Otherwise the 9700 is probably the best keyboard handset on the market. And beats the nokia e72 e71 except if you need sat nav which comes free with the nokia phones. So overall the 9700 probably needs an update and further price reduction to make it a complete no brainer.

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  absolutly awsome

| | See all holzie2k9's reviews (4)

i woz very scared bout getting this fone because i didn't think i'd be able to work it and it is the easiest fone i think i have ever own very simple light weigh and stylish

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  BlackBerry Bold 9700 very simple review

| | See all HoBag84's reviews (1)

For the simpler individual who may not want to make use of all the fancy functions on this phone, but would like the ability to receive email, SMS, call and have a few decent apps, then maybe this will help. Essentially that's all i want from it...

I needed a change and the iPhone, although very good, just didn't appeal to me. I like proper buttons.

The Blackberry 9700 is a lovely handset. Altho it takes a bit of time to get used to the QWERTY keyboard (maybe not so good if you have particularly broad thumbs) i have grown to love it. Having emails sent directly to me from my accounts makes life very easy, and you can manage it by either deleting it from you handset email only, or the handset and full email account(!) SMS and media messaging is pretty straighforward - lays it out nicely so you can see the full conversation with the other person. Clear screen, easy connectivity and the small touch mouse is easy to use (and its sensitivity can be altered to you). Standby function and a bedside function which you can set to enter at a certain time of night every day in case you're so tired you forget to switch it to voicemails only, or not to receive emails etc. Brilliant! The camera is pretty good with a flash function. 3.2MPixels isn't the greatest but it does the trick. I have a proper camera instead. I don't want to put my whole like in my phone(!)

Overall, i bloody love this phone and although it may not be perceived to be as 'cool' as an iPhone, i very much think it is.

Also, the leather on the back makes for an interesting texture contrast...

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  Best All Round Phone On The Market Today

| | See all moslehchowdhury's reviews (8)

BlackBerry is immense, I have to admit. The 'Push' system for the email is EXCELLENT. Most people don't realise that emails are not sent instantly on mobile devices. Whereas BlackBerrys have the function to do it. Emails, instant messages and texts are sent INSTANTLY, no delay, no lag. Better yet, you can integrate 10 of your email accounts with this phone, and it will sync instantly. Just perfect. You can choose to view as separate emails, or all on the same page. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! are all supported including others. Instant messaging clients include, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM and of course, their very own BlackBerry Messenger, which is nothing short of amazing to say the least.

Next is the apps. There are literally thousands of apps for every need that you can download, most of them free. These include apps for work, games, music, video, literature, you name it. Famous ones include the social network sites.

Camera. The camera is brill, a decent 3.2 megapixel camera with flash. It also had auto-focus which is extremely neccessary for close up shots. The camera works well with the apps, as you can take a quick snap and upload directly to the social network sites. VERY convenient. It also has a video recorder, WITH VIDEO LIGHT. Something that most phones are lacking these days.

The phone itself is a step up from the previous Bold 9000. This 9700 has double the internal memory, which is needed for saving apps. The trackball has also upgraded to a touch sensative touch pad. This prevents any lagging, and increases speed, accuracy, and comfort with navigating on the phone.

Overall, this phone really is the business. I have not come across a phone with the capabilities as this one to be honest. Just amazing, just amazing. Definately recommend. 5 *s.

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