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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone (Black)

Manufacturer: BLACKBERRY

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  You won't find a better phone!

| | See all luv2shop's reviews (3)

I love gadgets and regularly update to the latest tech, but too often these days they don't live up to the hype the Iphone being a point in case. If you just can't get on with touchscreens like me, the Iphone is a waste of time. So I wanted a smartphone and then a friend let me borrow his Blackberry Curve one day. I was hooked, went straight out and bought this and it's a beauty. It does everything you expect from a smartphone and more. The display is sharp, texting is a breeze (once you get used to the two-fingered qwerty keyboard) and setting up access to my e-mail account was a doddle. Add to this a decent camera, web browser and downloadable apps (though not as many as the Iphone) and I can honestly say it's blown me away. My only gripe is that BBC iplayer is not available as an app yet but they're working on it...
Buy this phone and even with the heafty price tag it will be money well spent.

  V, v good!

| | See all Lilo1988's reviews (1)

Great phone does everthing you want from a phone,battery is fantastic over 2 days easily between charge, little features such as being able to tell the phone when to turn on and off is great. Browser is great,near enough all web pages are full. Camera is far better than its suggested 3.2 mp, the zoom feature is unreal, you find al sorts of new aspects of the photo you never reliased were there. Emails are fantastic and the ability to sync them with the calender make life so easy. Great screen and overall a great phone! dont let the price put you off!

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  Fantastic ! Best Phone ever!

| | See all pirate1's reviews (1)

This phone is completely fantastic ! so much gadgets on it ! I dont know how I managed before I owned it!
Blackberry is the one for mobile phones !! U can never go wrong with a blackberry !!

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  The best smartphone on the market

| | See all zebeavzio's reviews (4)

I have just purchased the phone, up grading from a full touch screen. I had the hero before this phone and the 1st thing that stands out is the reliability, everything syncs to the phone - facebook contacts ext.
The 1 thing I would warn if you want to use the phone for personal e-mails & apps from the BB app wrold you need a Blackberry data plan, I brought sim free & used a pay as you go sim & i could only use the basic functions, I have upgraded to plan of 15gbp a month for 2GB data and everything is working fantastically.
I highly recommend this phone, for personal use as it is more like a current smartphone and it has everything and more you need a phone to do.

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  Seriously the best phone i've ever owned!

| | See all musy31's reviews (26)

This phone is amazing. OMG! it has everything. email, perfect camera, perfect music player and a brilliant interface. Having owned Nokias all my life, i finally decided it was time for a change (my last phone N95 8gb was brilliant). Boy was it a good change. I love this phone. The battery life is so good. It often lasts 2 days without charging it.

If I haven't said so already, BUY IT!!!!!


| | See all joenunn's reviews (1)

Does the blackberry bold 9700 have free internet and msn and stuff if you get a pay as you go phone?

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  I went for something different and am I glad I did!

| | See all umassys's reviews (1)

I've just got the 9700, it was a bit of an odd choice for me,

i'd usually be looking for the latest gimmicks and gadgets but having realised I usually get fed up playing with the phone after the first few hours and getting annoyed with battery life, call quality, e-mail, reliability etc, I went for something different and am I glad I did!

The 9700 does exactly what I want and what it's supposed to do it does to prefection! The battery is fantastic, so easy and quick to type on, call quality is superb and get's a fantasic 3G signal where all my other phones have failed miserably,.

I feel I should have picked a Blackberry earlier, I'm not really sold on big, touch screen devices, I certainly can't type anywhere near as fast on a touch screen as this Blackberry, clicking on links etc is so much easier with the trackpad.

This Blackberry just works. End of.

  Bold 9700

| | See all Skorch's reviews (1)

Just got my hands on this beauty 4 days ago as a free upgrade. I am absolutely loving it so far, this is my first ever BlackBerry & if all their future products are this good I am going to stick with them.

First impressions upon un-boxing it were very good, the device looks very sleek & well designed, the build quality & materials used are second to none. Considering that it has a full QWERTY keypad RIM have managed to make it look smooth & easy to use.

I've read a lot about the new trackpad which replaces the old trackball, I had a quick go on the original Bold 9000 in the phone shop & wasn't blown away by the trackball, I can see how over time it would fail. I also think that the new Bold 9700 looks a lot nicer in comparison, being noticeably smaller & more modern looking. The optical pad is fantastic, sensitive & easy to navigate through menus etc.

The camera really surprised me as well, my last phone had a 5.0MP & took pretty decent snaps, the 3.2MP on this takes pictures of equal quality & in bad light conditions I would say actually better. The video quality is excellent also this probably has a lot to do with the gorgeous crystal clear screen.

The keypad is another feature that I find great, making texting & web browsing so much quicker & easier than on all my previous phones. The keys are quite closely packed together but thanks to the raised shapes are easy to use.

The amount of things you can adjust & tweak in the options are truly mind boggling, it's nice to be able to customise everything to your own preference, even including the trackpad sensitivity!

I can't find anything I dislike about this device as yet, & have just installed blackberry app world which is brilliant as I can now add more applications to an already impressive list.

The battery life seems to be very good for a Smartphone, Before this, I had a Sony Ericsson C902i which had an appalling battery.

So to conclude if you are after a Smartphone that is stylish & practically perfect, look no further than the Bold 9700! I'm usually a pain to please and have never found a phone that I truly liked. But with this phone I am now recommending it to all my colleagues as it has so many useful features and isn't too complicated to figure out like some phones.

Try one and you won't be disappointed.

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  First Time User.

| | See all JACS73's reviews (1)

This is the first time I've ever used or owed a Blackberry and I can definately say that I made the correct choice, after months of debating. If you don't want a touch screen phone, but require all the features and apps within a compact handset. Then you can't go wrong with the 9700 Bold.