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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / Android / Sim Free / Unlocked Touch Screen Mobile Phone / Sensuous Black

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson

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Customer Reviews

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  iphone 3gs destroyer

| | See all Zakura's reviews (1)

If you are looking for a cheap phone with all the latest features then look no further. Just updated to android 2.3.3 and wow this phone does everything and then some. Only problem is hardware is slightly outdate now what with dual core phones and that so a star is lost there, but with the latest software out there this phone is worth some serious consideration. Also 36 hrs battery life easy with moderate use, something not applicable to the iphone 3gs.

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  Sony Ericsson drop the ball

| | See all Danunder's reviews (1)

After my previous very happy relationship with a Sony Ericsson C905 (with a camera so good there was little reason to walk out of the door with two devices) I felt secure in the knowledge that upgrading to the Xperia X10 would be a sound choice. How wrong I was.

I want to start with the good points however. Timescape is a fantastic feature in the way it pulls together and tiles social media streams along with calls, texts, photos and emails so elegantly. I've often noticed people peering over my shoulder on trains. It's a good looker and intuitive to use and amazingly quick internet and wifi connection speeds making surfing the web an absolute joy. Even having a little flashing green light when a text has come in is a lovely feature.

All these good points can't disguise or weigh up against the bad ones. I've had the phone just short of a year and it has been away three times accounting for 45 days being 'repaired'. Each time being different from the last, OS issues, battery life lasting hours and non ability to recharge being the main issues. I received a new phone on the third occasion and this too has started to malfunction.

Apart from the issues with reliability there are a lot of things I found very disappointing about the X10. Contrary to the brilliance of the C905, the X10 camera is awful to the point of unusable, no flash (only a 'photo light' that needs switching on) and very slow to focus and then eventually take a picture. Text entry via the touchscreen keyboard is awful, characters often don't register when typed (particularly the A and L keys) and often type entry hangs and sometimes even crashes the phone. The entry slider often sticks which is a big problem when trying to answer a call.

This phone could've been a real game changer but the opportunity seems to have been missed.

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  Best Phone

| | See all Pandy90's reviews (1)

I must say this is the best phone I have ever owned!
It was my first Android device, and even after trying other Android devices, I still prefer the Xperia X10!

With an 8.1MP Camera and HD video recording, its fantastic for taking photos and videos, especially with continuous autofocus!

It is absolutely brilliant, there is too much good to say about it so i will not right it all.

The only downside is that Sony Ericsson have announced they will not update the Android software from 2.1, but that's no bother at all!

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  Better Than The iPhone

| | See all ProEvolutionX's reviews (26)

This is the best phone I Have ever owned. The android feature are very good, its easy to use and a pleasure to own. The 8.1 megapixel camera is also very good.

The Phone has a 4-inch screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, making it very quick, it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the phone, making it esy to plug in any headphones.
It also has a microUSB cable with plug adaptor, making charging easy, you can charge it from your computer or wall socket.
It has Timescape on it which is essentially a means of consolidating all your mail, texts and social networking data into a single place, which make keeping up with facebook etc very easy.

Definatly an awesome phone and would recomend it to everyone.

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  So far so good

| | See all sduman's reviews (3)

Ive had this phone for about 4 months. Its a great touch screen phone. The best Ive had so far. However the battery tends to not last so long but thankfully Sony has come up with a solution which is great. The app killer and now my battery lasts longer and I dont need to charge it every night. Touch is nice and smooth however sometimes when you have too many apps on it starts to slow down.

The good thing about the phone is that you can download so many apps; you can slide the screen from left to right to add more widgets to the home screen. The camera is great however for some reason the button sometimes doesnt seem to connect with what its supposed to do. I press the button to take a picture and it doesnt work (but this does not always happen) so I end having to change the settings so that when I tap the screen it will take a picture. Its very easy to use and with the new update it looks very nice. The internet is very fast and the phone itself is very stylish.

However the bad points. When Im on the phone I can barely hear what the other person is saying, its so quiet even with the volume so high. Also at times when Im calling, those on the other end cannot hear me and have to end the call and redial a couple of times for people to hear me. Im disappointed that up until the new update has come out whenever an update was available, and you updated your phone all the apps you had will be gone. However that problem has now been solved with the update, but its disappointing especially when youve paid for some apps. Also as mentioned before the camera button sometimes doesnt register what its supposed to do.

Overall I think its a nice phone. Its simple and easy to use and with the new update some of the old problems are no longer a problem. You can download free apps or paid apps just like the iphone. Definitely worth trying out before you buy it.

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  Please read other reviews first

| | See all anewport666's reviews (1)

I had so much high hopes for this phone, reading the reviews here first, also being Android as well as a good name SE, but over the time (6+ months) since purchasing this phone I have been stuck on an old version of Android, maybe not such a problem until you try to download apps your mates have got on their HTC's etc, basically you can't things like Angry BIrds & Google Earth won't even appear in the Market place, why because SE have delayed and delayed their update to 2.1, as I write this they have just released it, but still disappointed, the phone is running very slow...still and I have started from a fresh empty phone, backing up every thing I had, then I go to download some of the things I have paid for in the past only to be told I have to pay for them again, why? If I bought COD on xbox and updated to xbox elite I wouldn't have to, even the xbox live games follow me over, very disappointed and am now using a modified Ipod touch with Mifi to receive all my calls and texts, just because I'm still stuck in my 18 month plan.

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| | See all Ollie1505's reviews (1)

I Got this phone on contract and i wasnt a big fan of sony until this i used to own a iphone but this seems to be far better android is better,decent camera, and can do just as much as the blackberry email also the screen is far better than iphone only downer is the battery life is poor okay if u use no apps but as soon as u have apps running it drains if anyone buys this i advice u to downkload android taskkiller from the droid market with also some mobile security program just on the safe side as u dont know what u are downloading most of the time. one other thing is it runs droid 1.7 os 2.2 is released early-mid november what has camera flash installed on it along with another load of good helpfull apps

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  As good as it looks

| | See all Fishbulbboy's reviews (1)

The SE Xperia X10 us undeniably a genuine alternative to the iphone. This is partly because of its Android OS (currently 1.6 but due for upgrade to 2.1 in Oct/Nov 2010) and also because of its beautiful design. The battery life is impacted if all data and location functions are left constantly switched on but this is dramatically improved by only using these functions as they are needed. The big screen is a joy to use and there are plenty of accessories out there for it. I highly recommend this phone, and it will only get better when updated and HD functionality is included.

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  Amazing! Much better then the iphone.

| | See all KeiraLou's reviews (8)

This is the best phone I have ever had. I have always been a Sony Ericsson lover, and although their phones in the past for their time always pleasantly pleased me, this one has blown me away!

I bought a white one after my parter bought his black one, I was so jealous for months and had to get my own.

The best features are texting, the apps and the internet and not forgetting the amazing camera. I have taken some pretty good shots with that camera, and after some editing they look close to professional, which is good for me as I love taking pictures of my 2 year old daughter, capturing every moment.

I would highly recommend this phone to anyway looking to have a gadget which can contain everything you need in one.

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  xperia x10

| | See all 1callofduty1's reviews (1)

the phone is light in weight but the only problem i have is the battery doesnt stay charged for more than one day

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