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Nokia BH-505 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Manufacturer: Nokia

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Wrightyukgorl's reviews (1)

As i have put in the title all i can say is wow.

I was blow away with the sound quality with these and the bass is unreal. I did not think it was possible to get that much depth off earphones.

The build quality is great, and the controls are easy to use. Could see people with larger fingers having a few issues though.

If you are after a pair off earphones i would recommend these to every one, Will be ordering another pair for my other half and a mate want a pair as well after having a play.

  broken too soon

| | See all peppeyzfr1's reviews (1)

Nice sound, light headset but not too much comfortable. One speaker broke just after 1 month of use. Too early indeed.

  Good performance but not so good with a winter wooly hat

| | See all Yorjick's reviews (2)

Used with a Nokia E72, I use these for walking home from work and occasionally on public transport. There can be occasional breaks in the sound but nothing that bothers me too much. I am pleasantly surprised by the sound and work very well when a call comes through. I like being able to take a call while leaving my phone safe in a zipped pocket. I have used thes earphones in temperatures lower than -10 degrees without any problems. However, as the band sticks out of the back of my head so much, it is difficult to wear a winter hat that covers the ears and down to the neck unless the hat material is very stretchy and then it looks very strange. This is less of an issue when wearing a jacket hood. In the summer, with a baseball cap, they look quite cool and are comfortable. They are not very comfortable when dosing while travelling as the band means that you cannot rest your head on the headrest of the seat. I am almost tempted to give five stars for performance but certainly not for comfort in all situations.

  seems better than it actually is

| | See all saulfd's reviews (1)

it does exactly what it says except it's not splash or sweat resistant. i've had them for several weeks, used them occasionally and worked fine, not wonderful just fine. it was such a relief to get rid of annoying wires which was something i always wanted to have but first time i worked out with them on, a bit of sweat and they don't work anymore! left them to dry for two weeks now but nothing, they seemed to be ruined for good... sad. wouldn't recommend this item, sadly as they're nice looking and good value for money, if only they'd work as advertised...

  Good Idea! BH-505 Just not robust enough and poor Bass.

| | See all GadgetAddicted's reviews (1)

Firstly this stupid this review thing does not work very well! Im rewriting for second time! Thanks Play.com!

Had these just 9 weeks and at first I really loved these headphones. Then after using them a bit more there are a few problems, the latest of which is that they broke at the joint next to the battery section at the back.

Nice and light, connect very well.
The auto connect is very useful and pressing play from the headphone to start up from last track is far quicker than selecting the music player on the phone.
Look really cool and really easy to use player functions (skip, volume etc)
Decent battery life. (Outlives the phone about twice over- old SGH G600)
Clear calls and music.

Poor bass for a music earphone.
Not very stable on the ears if jogging, and not very flexible, outer ear buds were painful for me so had to use inner ear ones which made them less stable.
Worst and most important:
Disappointing build quality in that the joints are fairly weak and snapped when I took off my cycle helmet despite being careful. Also a rather weird oily substance leaked out on breaking, which may have had something to do with it as oils very often weaken plastics.

Had they not broken they would receive 4 stars, but for lasting just 9 weeks then really only 1star!

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  Don't bother if you intend to use them in the Gym

| | See all Bignick03's reviews (1)

Sound isn't bad, but the main problem is reliability. I had 1 set which broke down after 2 weeks. I then got a replacement set that lasted 1 week. I suspect they are not sweat resistant (as advertised). Don't bother with them if you intend to use them during physical activity. Most features work with the iphone 3g except the track up/ track down button.

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  A good headset at a great price.

| | See all bypass's reviews (1)

I have been using the Nokia BH-505 with a HTC Hero Android (1.5) phone and a Samsung NC-10 Windows 7 netbook for about 4 weeks now and consider them to be an excellent choice for me.

The headset is generally well designed and built but, as at least one reviewer has said, the buttons for control do feel a bit cheap. The position and design of the play\pause (left) & call/answer button (right) mean that when using them you are pushing the earbud further into your ear. This may not affect users of the on-ear buds but if like me you use the in-ear buds then you will need to grip the bottom of the ear piece with your thumb to avoid discomfort, something I accomplish without much trouble. This is made slightly worse on my set as the call/answer button is considerably harder to push than the play/pause, something I hope gets easier over time.
The volume and skip buttons work well enough although they aren't designed well for use during movement as it is too easy to make an accidental input (e.g. skipping track when you only wanted to fast-forward).

The rigid design means that on my head there is about an inch gap from the middle-back of the headband and the back of my head so the band is effectively floating in the air with the headset largely supported by pressure and the hook over the ears. This may sound uncomfortable but is not at all uncomfortable for me and the only issue I have is that when running there can be movement. For this and the button design I wouldn't recommend these for very active use.

The choice of 3 on-ear & 3 in-ear buds should mean that all tastes are catered for and I have gone with in-ear as this seems to give the best sound, noise blocking and comfort for me. I usually prefer on-ear types but found these a bit irritating although the largest one will accept the little foam covers (not supplied) you get with most on-ear buds which did help with comfort.

Sound quality for stereo music playback is very good in my opinion (I am definitely not an Audiophile) with good base supplied especially with in-ear buds.
Voice calls are similarly good, the position of the mike back near your ear does mean you can't whisper but all people I have asked tell me that call quality is good and I have no trouble hearing them.

I have owned or used a few sets of bluetooth stereo headsets and can honestly say these are the best I have used. Their relatively cheap price (I paid 39 Pounds, I have used some 85+ Pound sets) makes their short comings acceptable and the quality audio performance, comfort, battery life and size/weight make these a set that I would recommend anyone giving a go.

Also worth noting that this headset has attracted a lot of attention from others who all find it to be an attractive headset to wear so you shouldn't feel self conscious about using them.

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  Slightly cheap build, for such an expensive product

| | See all VediVoxVocis's reviews (1)

My opinion may have been a little effected by the fact that I have only just taken delivery of this item after having ordered it back in January, 4 months later. (Fault of Nokia though, not Play I believe).

Item itself looks great, and fits well, with plenty of different sized ear buds, but buttons feel cheap and sounds is a little tinny. I had high hopes for this but am a little disappointed.

I'm glad I purchased through Play.com though and saved myself 10 pounds.

Connected to my new HTC Desire no problem and seem to work with all my Music and Podcast players. And phone calls are clear enough for both parties.