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HTC Desire Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone

Manufacturer: HTC

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all Gshockwatcher's reviews (3)

Who needs an Iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!! This phone has it all excellent quality and reliability. My only moan would be the battery but I guess thats the same with all smartphones. Built to compete with the Iphone and it did that and better. Had mine nearly a year an no problems whatsoever. :-)


| | See all me1996's reviews (2)

This android phone offers you the option to download apps such as facebook and youtube as well as games that are funny, addicting and realistic. You also have 7 pages to personalise with your favourite backgrounds apps and widgets on this easy to use touchscreen phone. It is truly unique and stylish. Fun!!!!!!!

  Certainly in the same league as iPhone 4

| | See all Kautya's reviews (1)

I have used an iphone 4 and compared to that the Desire is certainly a worthy match if not better than the iphone4. Display is quite crisp and even when using the live wallpapers the performance of the Desire while scrolling the menus and using applications is quite good. As stated by various reviews, android has more free apps than the apple so thats an advantage over the iphone. Camera is not too bad, a bit grainy during night despite the flash ( but then again you cant expect better from a phone camera) Battery life is a bit low but if you tweak a few settings you can push it to last for about a day and half. But then again most of the smartphones with large displays have similar battery life. HTC could have added a bit more internal memory as 512 mb is not that much considering that the OS related files will be stored on the ROM.

Overall a very good phone. Would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a smartphone.


| | See all ljstamford's reviews (5)

-- The AMOLED screen has really deep blacks and vivid colours (and incidentally looks just as good as Apple's new 'retina' display on iPhone 4).
-- It's very responsive and never seems to slow down.
-- HTC's Sense interface is very customisable with its 7 screens and various widgets etc. I especially like the way it links your contacts to your facebook friends and updates their pictures and status inside the phonebook.
-- Android market has almost endless apps, and they're increasing in number every day.

-- Battery life. Mine lasts about 36 hours with moderate use, but that's pretty standard for a smartphone. Until battery technology improves, we won't get much more than that!
-- The camera's not great, but fine for snaps. If you want to take decent pictures, buy a CAMERA!

All in all, I can't fault it. Certainly as good as an iPhone 4, cheaper, more customisable, and you're not locked into using iTunes/iTunes Store.

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  Forget the iphone 4 get this

| | See all DaveGrohl85's reviews (4)

When it came to renew my contract I decided to get an iphone 4. But after a few days with it it started to annoy me for a phone that's meant to just work I found it surprisingly limited.

So I decided to change it for this and I never looked back. It's such a delight to use from day one. And your not forced to use itunes :)

Get this phone you wont regret it.

  HTC Desire 10/10

| | See all Scubacookie69's reviews (4)

Wawl really impressed with this smartphone, if you like gadgets like me you'll love this more than an iPhone (my opinion) so much more you can do on it. The screen is so clear and its such an easy phone to get the hang of. Batterie life as you would expect not so good baring in mind it is a computer and you have all sorts going on in it.

  Simply Amazing a must buy!"

| | See all METHYLoBROMIDE's reviews (4)

I have had a great many phones over the years and this just tops off everything else.
Forget your HTC hd, or any other HTC phone..
This is the best product out there and it cant get better!
Great pictures which can be uploaded from your gallery to your email, so example if you have yahoo, its all automatic! So facebook and sending them to it is just a few simple clicks!
You have a power widget which you can have on the main task bar, it turns on wifi, sync, bluetooth, and you can turn these on and off when you please. You can also get the HTC weather bar which syncs when you want!
As for battery, I dont see an issue - I will only snyc email and data when I want and dont need to have all the functions on all the time. I keep the display to medium which is perfect..
For medium use, charging once a day does the trick! if you want more battery life well you can always buy a high extended battery where the iphone is stuck as you cant..Out with the iphone seriouisly, my brother has it and this is just so much nicer.
Unlocking the phone is also great, swipe down from the bottom of the key pad and complete a pattern or a code in 1 second using the screen to unlock.. Notifications also great sweeping this down to receive your texts and emails.. amazing!
The only thing I will suggest is, buy a waterproof case as anywater could spoil it. The android market also has plenty of applications for you to download many free and paid..
It uses a snapdragon 1ghz cpu which means no lag like the new Blackberry touch at 600mhz.. I upgraded the ram from 4gb to 8gb..

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| | See all Marcus0403's reviews (17)

I just got this phone on an upgrade, and I am so happy I got this instead of an Iphone, It is well made bright looks good, easy to use just a great phone, I do agree with another review on here, don't get the task killer you don't need it, I got it and it seemed to make the phone run not well at all!
Anyway overall an excellent phone, very much worth it!

  the best phone to date !

| | See all danniboi1976's reviews (2)

this phone smacks of quality,,it got a superb screen..the apps on market are getting just as good as from itunes for iphone..one thing that bugs me endlessly is the people saying get a task killer app for it...do not get a taskkiller app for it...the whole android system is designed to not need one..just google android and task killer and you will see these people who have one installed are just being stupid.there is no reason to kill apps that run in background.and they will be damaging the system..anyway rant over if you got 350 then there is currently no better phone available...well happy with my purchase .

  Best Phone I have ever ever ever ever owned!

| | See all Darthmiller's reviews (2)

Let me just say I do love my gadgets but I am incredibly fickle and get bored with them quickly. But I have had this phone for at least 3 months now and I love it so much (so much in fact that when I got my work phone I got it's baby brother the Wildfire). The screen is beautifully bright and crisp and clear, the HD video looks excellent. The overall form of the device is lovely and tactile, from the smooth screen you just want to stroke to the redish brown metal casing and the rubberised back plate. It's jst beautiful.

But by far my favourite thing about this phone is how amazingly customisable it is with all the apps and widgets that come with it you can have a different phone every day if you want and with access to the Android market place you need never be bored and can have your phone, your way.

Also we have Angry Birds too now!!!

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